Friday, April 10, 2009

Wallpaper Contest Winner!

Wow! We received close to 300 entries for the wallpaper contest. And all of them were awesome...and we will periodically pull fun ones out and feature them on our blog. But it IS a contest so someone has to win first place. Plus we picked 2nd to 5th place winners for t-shirts. Here it goes:

FIRST PLACE (Winner of Pocket God Islander Toy)
Victor Villanueva

SECOND PLACE (T-shirt winner)
Curtis Smith

THIRD PLACE (T-shirt winner)
Edwin Heida

FOURTH PLACE (T-shirt winner)
Bilal Karim

FIFTH PLACE (T-shirt winner)
Jessica Lovell

The following entries were finalists so we would like to give props!

Mariska Offerman

Matt Terwilliger

Jonathan Blake

Toni Bui

Thanks to everyone for sending us such great wallpapers! We will keep our flickr link in the margin! I know there are some name if you need a correction, find your pic on flickr and add a comment asking for the name correction!


  1. I disagree. I think the the one in second place should have been first, and Matt Terwilliger's should have been second, or the drawing one - whoever drew that spent AAAAGGGEEEEESSSS. BTW March of the Fire Ants is great!

  2. Wow!

    I was a little nervous about the results. Hehe.

    Thanks a lot! I'm very very happy for winning. The islander toy will look awesome with my collection of toys and toyart.

    I love Pocket God, and I'm always looking at the app store for updates.

    Pocket God is a great app and it's being greater every day that passes!

    Keep it up guys!

    And hope everyone likes my wallpaper. And I'm sorry you, Sam, disagree, but well, not everyone will like the results i suppose, it happens with all contests.

    I've had lots of fun doing my entries and I've seen very good works like Mariska Offerman's and others that are not posted here.
    See ya all!

  3. Hey victor! nice job on winning! Your wallpaper is very cool and you are a great artist. I envy your skills XD

    everyone else, great job too!

    btw, Victor, what program do you use? I tried entering with old MS Paint...

  4. It's not fair, the first place winner doesn't have the bolt creative logo on it. It was clearly stated in the rules.

  5. Yeah I agree with Sam when i first saw it the people kinda scared me sorry I thought some that werent mentioned where much better...I knew none of mine would do anything but some others I saw were really good

  6. Well done Victor

    At Least I Thought My Entry was Good

  7. The first place one was really cool. The second place one was kind of a cool idea, but the rest I was like, "What the heck?" Mariska Offerman's should have gotten second, or third at the lowest, but whatev.

  8. Good job to everybody who won!

    I personally liked the one with the people in the pocket best :)

  9. Can I have a free T-Shirt? :)

  10. Oh yea and I don't love the winners but I'm sure he spent a lot of time on it. I personally think the second place winner should have won. Congrats to all the winners!

  11. Congrats Victor! & also to the people who won 2nd to 5th places! They really were great! =)

    But really, I think Mariska Offerman (I hope I got the name right) should really have won a prize as well. That wallpaper IS my wallpaper, & it's so lovely!

    Anyway- congrats again!

    PS: I LOVE the new update! I've talked to loads of cool & funny people on the Feint chat! & I just can't wait for Say My Name. Good job guys!

  12. hey guys! I hear you about the rules. but i gotta tell you, MOST of people didn't quite follow the guidelines set, so I had to let go of that... Its very subjective and we argued a bit about our picks. I've actually decided I'm not a big fan of this type of contests because, as a creative person, I so appreciate the work everyone put into it. I didn't know it would be this hard. I'm not a big competition guy in the end. I hope nobody was hurt or offended. loved EVERYTHING people sent and every person's take on Pocket God meant a lot to me. hope that keeps me off everyone's douche list :) A

  13. Thanks to all. I'm glad you like it.

    About the bolt creative logo I've already write at them about it.

    When I read the rules at the part about adding the logo I though it refered to the Pocket God logo, my bad. I've told Bolt Creaive that I'll add it without problem.

    Benji, about the program I used... I used Photoshop CS3. I've created a personal brush to do it. If you like ms paint you'll love Photoshop.

    See ya soon.

  14. Second place should have been first, but if you look closely at the first place one, its a pygmie (whatever you call it) playing pocket god and is about to pick a pygmie in the game, but at the same time he is about to pick himself up if you see the finger coming at him. personally i like the artwork better the 2nd place picture but the 1st place picture has a better concept.

  15. Thank you everyone at Bolt Creative :) I am very very happy with my 2nd place, and even happier about the fact I have won a prize as well! I didn't know my wallpaper design would be liked so much, Thank you again :D

  16. Dear Bolt Creative,

    I know the contest is over, and I don't expect a prize, but here's my tribute to you guys. Thanks so much for Pocket God, and hope it goes on for a long time.

    Yup that's me in the picture *grin*.

  17. Well done to all the winners, all the people that got on the honorable mention list, and, well, everyone!

    Marathon i couldn't help but laugh at that, but i love the detail.

    Well done Victor, i liked it!

  18. 4th place should have been the winnar!!!!!1111

  19. Glad you likes. Feel free to pick it up and use it or put it in the fanart gallery! (I wasn't sure how to submit :P)

  20. How do I obtain my T-Shirt? Shall I email you my address? :)

  21. Hi Curtis! I was wondering..i was able to track evernone else down. but when i tried to facebook you it appeared there was no account? Anyway, write me your t-shirt preference from can mix and match design/color and shirt type. and your address to put in the subject Curtis' T-shirt I can spot it right away

  22. That's odd, my account is still up and running, I use it daily, (probably even hourly, It's rather addictive :P )
    Anyway, I shall do that now then :) thank you Bolt Creative :D
    (Sorry for the account confusion)