Monday, June 28, 2010

Slow News Week - Random Videos!

As I get my head into the next PG update...waiting to be able to submit the current one "A Pygmy A Day Keeps the Ape Away". Why? Well, we're trying to make an event out of the release of the comic. And so we have to line up the comic app, and some publicity at the same time. I know, its annoying! But Dave is taking advantage of the time to see if he can get PG to run faster on older devices. Not sure if he'll get that portion in before the release, but its a step in the right direction!

Additionally, there is some new exciting stuff that is starting to come together. Some I can't mention, but as we already posted, we are having PG plushes manufactured and I saw the most recent prototype, based on Alix's design and am stoked.

I realize there are people waiting so I thought I'd post some fun videos I found on YouTube.


Okay, since this was posted, I noticed the video was the breach of copyright use of Beyonce's All the Single Ladies got "All the Single Pygmies" pulled from YouTube for violation. I guess 2 minutes and 5,000 views of pygmies dancing to Beyonce's song is more offensive to the record company than almost 4 million views of this...

Just sayin'


Nice overview of Pocket God updates! Good work, berndbousard!


ilikecheese111 starts playing doodle jump but then does a nice run through of pocket god stuff!


  1. berndbousard forgot the whirlpool under water ;) But good job!

    PS: Could you start revealing some of your projects? Or say something to Pocket God on iPad?

  2. Hey. Whenever you tell us when the next update is coming out your always so vague...I know I'm being a pain by saying can you please give us a time frame to look for them? Thanks, keep up the good work and PLEASE dont stop making updates! I love waiting to see what awsome and clever stuff you have added to the app.

  3. Oh cm´on.. publish that comics finally! :(

  4. The person that did the pocket god history video had the updates all out of order.

  5. is the stat of the island coming out soon so we know what the next update will have

  6. the last video everytheing is flipped like he is video tapping the mirror if him playing it

  7. This game is great and I understand that you are trying to make a big publicity move out of releasing the next update with the comic book, but I wish you wouldn't make promises that you couldn't keep. Weeks ago you said that we could expect it "either late this week or early next week." Nothing happened. Then you said "any day now," which wasn't realistic either. This is a great app and I'm very impressed with how much care you put into its development, but please don't give us false hope with bad information.

  8. This is an awesome game that has really impressed me, I just wish you wouldn't give us false hope on update dates. Several weeks ago you said that the update would come out "either late this week or early next week." Not so much. Then you said that we could expect the update "any day now," which wasn't particularly realistic either. I completely understand you wanting to make a big publicity move out of this, but please don't lead us on with false information. This is a very clever and well made game, that's why I'm so anxious for the update. I just don't like being lied to. I understand that it might be out of your hands, but tell us that in the first place. Pocket god is the shit.