Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crash Bug Fix

Yikes so some people who have the latest update suddenly couldn't open the app. The problem was very difficult to it happens in a very specific circumstance, so most people never had an issue.

Its people who first opened the app without internet connection (wifi or 3g). We are submitting the fix right away (no, it won't contain the next update, but it is 80 percent completed, so it will be coming soon after).

You can fix it by doing the following, keep in mind you will need internet access for this to work (either wifi or 3g).

1. delete the app
2. connect to the internet (wifi or 3g)
3. reinstall the app (just buy it again in the app store, it will not charge you twice if you use the same account)
4. run the app, go through the feint screens, and keep the app open for a few seconds (so it updates the news file from the internet)
5. close and open it again. you should see a news item that talks about doodle jump, if you dont see it, open and close it again.

Once you see the doodle jump news icon, its fixed. you dont have to have it connected to the internet anymore.

some things to keep in mind…

Deleting the app will erase your achievements and highscores, if you want to keep this data, wait for the fix we will be submitting tomorrow. We will try and get the fix out as quick as we can (sometimes apple pushes fixes through quicker than normal) but it may take up to 1 week. If you dont have a wireless network at home, you can probably go to a coffee shop, library, school, or McDonalds. Many of these places have free wifi.

If you delete your app, you may have to activate your skin packs again, it will not charge you twice if you use the same account.

The reason many people don't see it, is that they probably updated the app over an internet connection and therefore opened it with an active internet connection.

Sorry about that!


  1. Awesome. Thanks for working on a fix even though didn't have a problem with it. And 80 percent already? Wow it feels like we just got the recent update just yesterday. Thanks for bringing such awesome updates.

    P.S. It's national Doughnut day! :D I know that's very random, but I had to tell somebody

  2. Wait! Don't put the update out yet! In the runs, if u r in the part with stalactites on the ceiling coming down and u hit it while jumping at the end, it freezes! Can u fix this?

  3. You guys should make an HD verism for the iPad and if there was ever a time before one of the early updates that it was free, you should put that one back in the app store

  4. Please visit my blog Allan. The website is (I ment to put pocket god but messed up)

  5. hey sabs knock it off i love that error if you rapidly move your finger around it creates a wave (awesome) and you show up in a warped underwater. from here you can visit the warped surface! so cool! cant wait for next update! but it will be a while before i play it because i lost my ipod! oh well you guys r awesome bye

  6. Hey this doesn't have Nothing to do with the bug but I have an awsome idea about an update. Can you please make it so that the vampire ad the zombie can fight and the t-Rex and the vampire can fight. Or maybe there cAn be two t-rexes and the could fight. Please email me at just cause I would enjoy talking with you.

  7. Allan do you know how much the comic will cost

  8. when is it actually coming out?
    because I was one of those non-internet people, so I've been waiting for about a week.
    Have you got a date? or a reason for the update being late?
    Because it's the 9th and it STILL hasn't come out!

    PS. I'm in australia, and I already e-mailed you.

  9. Yesterday, I found another glitch!!! on my ipad, my bro was playing (big screen on ipad) and drew crack, but i wanted to see the news, so i quickly pushed the arrow and news icons, but right as i clicked news, the pygmy fell. the entire game, the runs had a strange boxy background similar to the news background can u guys fix this also?

  10. Also, if u press the news button right when the Pygmy falls, the runs turns boxy

  11. I downloaded the update today and it wouldn't even get past the loading screen. I deleted it, then reinstalled it and it still crashes at the load screen. I've tried 6 times to load it. Sad face.

  12. Found another bug with crack is wack...
    Kinda easy to reproduce:

    1:Draw crack under pygmy
    2: Quicky through Pygmy into the clouds, so he goes into ooga jump.
    3: Watch the screen! There is multiple pygmys on the screen in multiple positions.
    (you must have crack is wack enabled!!!)

    yes I was trying to find a bug... Lol

    I guess this is a conflict between ooga jump and crack is wack.

  13. Leave the news glitch! The runs still works and it makes it look like UPS world. Jump from cardboard box to cardboard box whithout falling into the river of... cardboard boxes. I also have some suggestions for the app.

    1.Change the moon size to change the gravity. Bigger=more gravity= pygmies move slowly and eventually collapse and can be crushed by the coconut/meteor/egg and their arms pop off when they try to lift something like the fishing pole/fish/spear/swordfish/coconut. Smaller=no gravity= pygmies move like they would in underwater area. Hurricane acts like whirlpool. When you lift the egg/meteor the pygmies gravitas toward it. Their heads eventually explode from lack of oxygen.

    2. Wifi/bluetooth tribal battles. Two iPods/iPhones with pocket god both start with 6 pygmies and a spear. Whoever kills the others pygmies wins or whoever has the most pygmies left at the end of a minute or two.

    3.Make the runs area into an area that can be selected from the map or you can get there by making the volcano erupt (toggle). In this area the tidal wave makes all pygmies a skeleton and flicking pygmies into the lava has the same effect as in the runs. And someone had the idea of crushind pygmies to the beat like in rockband. In the runs area this could be a rock-off against the demon. Possibly with some Dio songs, since the demon is a tribute to him.

    Well, thanks for considing my ideas even though they have nothing to do with the bug fix. I hope you use at least one, preferably #1. Keep up the good work!

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  15. OMG! I just looked into the ceiling glitch and Isaac was right! The game knows you lost just listen to the music! Then you make the wave and underwater is glitchy, so you go up to find everything is glitch!!!!

  16. I installed the update but the game still crashes when I try to open it!

  17. I love to play pocket god! I recently reset my iTouch Ipod and i have reinstalled the app. When I try to see the skin packs (I purchased them before when I originally downloaded the app) The system is charging me again for them.
    Is there something that can be done to get around this, sorry is off subject.