Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pocket God at Wizard World!

As we've mentioned in this blog, Dave and I are attending San Diego Comic-con and joining Ape Entertainment to promote the PG comic. But now, Wizard World, the publishers of the famous Wizard Magazine, and the hosts for Wizard World Comic and Pop Culture conventions across the country, have asked us to join them at Chicago Wizard World. Of course we were honored, and after checking out the other attendees, are in some awesome company. We are figuring out how we can participate in a Q&A session and setting up exclusive PG giveaways as we speak, so if you are in the Chicago area, come check it out.

They've already announced us on the site:

>> Wizard World <<


  1. That's awesome! Now you just need to come to the Philly convention, so I can go. :P

  2. Here's what you guys should've done a long time ago:
    •first you should make an on/off switch for when you do a tidal wave. I'd like it to be similar to the runs switch, how you can just use the earth cracking ability. I'd like to jus be able to create a tidal wave without going underwater.
    New God Power- Rain Dance - make the pygmies dance (possibly a new dance) during a storm and there will be a light rain, which creates a puddle of water across the island. If you hit the puddle with lightning it electrocuted all of the pygmies on the water. To get rid of the puddle, bring out the sun and make it large.

  3. Could you please make it for the ipad too? Because of the screen size you can do multi touch and larger isles

  4. I have made some awesome (virtual) pocket god pokemon cards and i want to show you but i don't know how to contact you so this is the only idea i had