Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Pocket God story and is there one?

Kotaku just posted this about the upcoming Pocket God comic, created by Ape Entertainment. In it Dave talks about the Pocket God story...and there's a new sneak preview also!

The Pocket God Comic Book Has a Story Somehow

Now, the title implies that they (among others) wonder how or why Pocket God got its own story! Just ask the fans who've created comics for us in the past:

So really, with all that inspiration, we just had to do it.

After spending well over a year on the project, Dave and I had fleshed out much of the back story of the characters, just so we could build a structure to the updates that would eventually lead somewhere. If one is paying attention (and believe me, some are!) one might spot clues going on in the background that hint at a larger story. Who are these Pygmies? How did they wind up trapped on these islands? Who left behind the idols and booby traps? Why are they forced to suffer the whim of angry gods? These were all things we asked ourselves, and from our ideas and fan suggestions, we started to formulate a bigger story to be used in future updates and games. When we got involved with Ape, we spent a lot of time with their creative team to solidify some of these ideas so they could create a compelling story around the property. We wanted adventure but we also wanted to stay true to the humor of pocket god. There are many fun surprises that will be revealed in the 4-issue series.

Furthermore, I believe there have been many simple ideas that were expanded upon to create something great (remember a simple arcade game with an italian plumber with a hammer and a big monkey?)... and the guys at Ape Entertainment are the ones to do it! We really love the artistry and skill that has gone into creating the comic and are sure you will too!

The comic is due out in the next couple weeks on the app store (using iVerse) and we will release our next update at the same time....and in case you haven't heard, in honor of our friends at Ape Entertainment, it will involve a new island and yes, an ape!


  1. Woah, New island in the next update. Nice.
    Can I ask for a sneak peak of the island?
    Just a small description would be nice

  2. are the comics paid

  3. I am new to Pocket God, I just downloaded it about a week ago, but I am having problems with it. Every time I load it I have to delete it from my iPod and reinstall it or else it won't load. What should I do? Please email me at Thanks!

  4. When you say "using iVerse" do you mean the iverse app or it will be in the app store under iversemedia.

  5. Hi! You just released the iceberg island, which was one of the most asked for islands ever, now you're releasing an ape island, which from the pics in the soti, looks like a jungle, which is another on of the most asked for islands ever, so let me get to the point, if you're making islands that are asked for a lot does that mean that you will be making other islands that people ask for, like a desert island and a space island?

  6. You should do an official zombieville crossover. You could have the Pygmy as a selectable character in Zombieville and for pocket god add the zombieville guy to the zombie island and have him shoot the zombie pygmies. Then you could add a zombie slayer skin pack!