Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pocket God Claymation!

So, the newest update, "A Pygmy A Day Keeps The Ape Away" is basically finished. But we have to wait a couple days for iVerse to have the PG comic (created by Ape Entertainment) ready , so we can submit both at the same time and have a big release! Meanwhile, at WWWDC (the world wide web developer's conference), Dave learned some techniques to optimize our app, so he is working on that while we are waiting. With any luck, the app will work faster and smoother than ever! But any day now, the update will be submitted.

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you this awesome claymation project made by TANNgERineProduction! We are very flattered that Pocket God was the subject!


  1. yay the update is coming soon! but... do we realy have to wait for iverse... i like comics but i dont even know what the price will be and the app is so much more fun then reading... sorry if i hurt your feelings but i LOVE pocket god :-)

  2. you should start on your next update while your waiting for the iverse comic thing