Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pocket Shop up and running!

Well, its a little late for Christmas but its going to be a brand new year, and we finally have our online store up and running! Turns out its kind of hard to set up to sell things (legally) on the internet, but we finally did it! The first major item is the Pygmy Figure, only 14.99! I personally designed the box! We will also are selling actual hard copies of the Pocket God comic. They will have extra stories not in the digital format (like the origin of the Laser Shark)...Soon we'll get the plushes up for sale, so either click on the link in the margin or the link below:



  1. Y does ur dumb journey to uranius have to have things like a-hole in time... I'm a 13 year old boy and my parents won't let me play it now so I wasted five bucks on a dumb game!

    Ps the game is really stupid anyway there is nothing to do u can't even attack with lightning

  2. I ordered a copy of the comic and one of the figurines. Totally psyched, should be here in the next couple days. Congrats to Dave and Allen for creating all this awesome stuff, still looking forward to seeing those plushes!