Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Journey To Uranus out Tomorrow!

But we gave Kotaku a sneak peak.

>> See their demo of it here. <<

Go there, and do us a favor, sign up and comment, tweet it, or both! Help us spread the word! The better it sells, the faster we'll update!

The regular PG update, Episode 36: Konkey Dong, will be out tonight or tomorrow as well! Be sure to let us know what you think of both!


  1. You should know it's probably gonna be tomorrow, Allan. :)

    PS: Did you add female Pygmies yet?

    PPS: You might wanna update FAST: Most people with PG have little, or no, patience.

  2. silly me, I forgot to give you my email address. It's

    again, please don't approve this message. It's meant for you only, not your fans.



  3. Already got the game
    Really fun and it will become even better if you will keep adding updates like in pocket god hope it gets in to the top 10

  4. I've been with you guys since Episode 3 of the original Pocket God. Because of this, I am wary of criticising Journey to Uranus by way of lamenting its lack of content. I was disappointed that the functionality was so limited, especially compared to the iPhone version.

    I trust in your ability to add content to it eventually, but as of now, the $4.99 price is simply an investment in the belief that eventually the game will be worth that, or more. I know that more content is coming, but many of your more recent customers of the iPhone version, or people new to your products may not be as willing to put faith in your promise.

  5. Hi I love the new game but I would like to also torture the pigmies without playing a mini-game you can still do this by drowning them and the sun should have a purpose in the game so it could burn them as well and can u please give the totem on Uranus a purpose and can please put more onto Uranus so there are different ways of torturing them like getting the dragons to fly over time to time and they can try and pick up the pigmies there are many other ideas but I know this is the first version but I am just putting out ideas and I think the game should take a bit after the iPhone version but it should have more ways to torture the pigmies without playing a mini game thanks

  6. Where is the Update??!! seriously

  7. how come konky dong wont update?

  8. Sorry guys, but it seems as if you got a little GameCenter Bug in there.
    I got PG on my iPhone and my iPad. Since both got GameCenter Support, they don't seem to be recognized as two different games. This causes the problem that you can't gain any achievements in the iPhone App.
    I hope I'am at the right place here, but I didn't Found a bug mail.
    And please excuse my bad english.