Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Okay, guys! 24 hours have passed and we've put the price back! You may have a couple minutes to get it before the price return takes, but basically, its over. Some people were pretty upset with us, but we were backed into a corner. If we didn't do something to improve ranking, it was going to drop out before Christmas. So it was a calculated risk on our part to compete with the likes of ...well, I won't say their name, but they tend to go by two vowels. We probably shouldn't be this transparent, but that's what happens at Christmas with sales and we were caught in the middle. And a game that has some awesome stuff and will only get awesomer cost you about the same as a happy meal. We invested tons of time and money into getting the space part right so it would feel great, and be flexible enough to add tons of stuff in the future. Plus there are THREE fun games in it (as opposed to the normal ONE)

Thank you for buying at either price! We are already planning our next update and will make it a priority for the new year. We're going to add some fun interactivity and have some really awesome ideas! And we're listening to the comments, but as usual, we tend to take a person's idea and add our own spin to it.

And incidentally, we are going to start talking about the big Facebook changes as well! There's a great forum on the facebook app page (link in the margin) where people are making their suggestions!

Take note! We are quietly opening up the Pocket Shop! Its still in infant stages but you can finally buy yerself a Pygmy figure!

Thanks guys!


  1. It's kind of a downer that the figurines are only available in the US... I live in Toronto. :/ I waited a long while for these figures. But congratz for finally getting some made.

  2. I'm so dedicated, I bought it for 99c even though I don't even have an iPad! :D

    ...Yeah, probably not the best idea.

  3. You wanna know some suggestions? Here we go :)
    1. Cross over with the creators of Minigore and make an awesome pygmy shooter
    2. make a racing Mario Kart like game
    3. Cut the rope crossover... get the coconut to the pygmy
    4. Angry Pygmys... Launch pygmies like in angry birds so they can get back the coconuts, or even better, make it like fragger where you launch coconuts to hit the pygmies
    5. Pygmies in cyberspace! give them a minigame where they get sucked into a computer and start a sonic/ super mario bros like game!

  4. Pocket God is the best game for iphone/ipod/ipad/facebook ever!!!!!! So are the comic books!!!!! I can't wait for the updates!!!! I think that you should do the stuff from the update song first to get things out the way, and then do locations from the comic book (the temple, jungle ect) It would be even awesome-r whatever you do!!!!! You make me proud to be a pygmy pelter!!!

  5. Yay! Can't wait for New Year's!
    Luv the visa btw!
    PS: you should make an Internet cartoon series with the Pygmies!

  6. This game looks great but I think the price is way to high for the features it includes. I think the price should be permanently lowered to 2 or 3 dollars max which would probably greatly increase the amount of sales.

  7. hey, i've been playing the facebook game and am was awarded xp... that's for leveling up right?

  8. Found a bug in facebook... I think. I was playing then suddenly one just floated up and to the right. I added some more and had 4 on the island but it said i had 5.

  9. Too bad I don't have an iPad =\
    And I totally agree with Kurtis's suggestions! Sounds like epic stuff, would be awesome to play those kind of games!

  10. My dad has an iPad, but I have an iPod. I called my dad and told him about Pocket God and he bought it. I havent heard back.