Thursday, December 2, 2010

Issue 3 of Pocket God the Comic is on the app store!

Not sure what the hold up was, but Issue 3 is finally out. 5 of the 6 original pygmies are still alive (well, Booga is barely hanging on), and on the run from a host of dangers on the new island, including that pesky T-Rex. Will they ever find the temple to restore the Gem of Life? If so, how many of them will make it? If you don't know what I'm talking about, go check out the awesome digital comic brought to you by Ape Entertainment (with a little help from us).


In other news, this is going to be a busy month for all pygmy-lovers. Dave submitted Pocket God Journey To Uranus yesterday (which turned out amazing if I do say so myself), and we're wrapping up the last of the Ape-inspired trilogy, Episode 36: Konkey Dong! I'm sure you can guess what inspired this episode! And wait, of course, there's Pocket God Facebook. We're still contacting beta testers so if you haven't received an email, it may still be coming. There's more...but I'll hold off for another post!

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  1. DEar guys i just have 1 surrgeson make a little sergesston box sometimes the fans have the best ideas