Monday, December 20, 2010

Pocket God Fishmas Special!

Hey everyone, we're proud to present our "christmas card" to you, the Pocket God Fishmas Special! People keep saying "huh?" when we mention Fishmas...but its what the Pygmies celebrate. Its a lot like Christmas, but with fish! The piece is heavily inspired by the comic we've made with Ape Entertainment. We recruited Peach Nova Productions, who are fantastically talented and have worked on projects such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Larkmart, and they did an amazing job. This was especially fun for me, because I am a full grown adult who still gets up to watch Saturday Morning cartoons. Enjoy!

P.S. Konkey Dong will be released tomorrow, and Facebook Open Beta begins as well, so now you don't need a code to play! Woohoo! We HAD to wait on Konkey Dong because it contains a link to the Facebook Game, and we didn't want people to go to a game they couldn't yet play. Sorry about that!



  2. That Fishmas Special was great!
    Now you really have outdone yourselves.
    Well done
    and have a happy fishmas, and happy havea' coconut!

  3. i claim myself #1 pocketgod fan

    oh and merry fishmas or happy haunnacoconut

  4. The Pocket God of FaceBook is superb! Except 4 things..
    1. The loading takes forever.... or maybe it doesnt even loads sometimes..
    2. Sometimes when I am playing it tells me I have to refresh.
    3. There is only 1 small place.
    4. I am getting jealous that on Facebook there is Female pygmies

  5. I'm playing PG on facebook and one of my friends isn't coming up. Instead of his avatar, I see a spinny thing. I know he's playing, and he was able to spawn and sacrifice me, but I can't spawn him. Is there a PG forum, like with the Zynga games? Or perhaps a way to report a bug?

  6. i believe its spelled hanucoconut

    ~cameron bess

  7. OMG yall need to just drop the game and start a tv special or something. That was AMAZING!!!!!

  8. i think there should be a cartoon show series of pocket god like on cartoon network or something that would be awesome!!!!:D go pocket god!!!