Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1.07: Memory Saving and Jailbreakers

"Hey Everyone, we submitted our newest update on Sunday again, this one will be all about sharks! You can feed the pygmies to the sharks by dangling them over the water, or you can drop a shark on the pygmies head and watch him run around in a panic before being swallowed!"

With 1.07 being submitted, a new thread has been created at TouchArcade:

In this thread Dave discusses how they accomplised saving space with this new update, and how someone with a jailbroken iPod asked for technical support!!

"I ended up helping him (and the others) anyway because I feel it gives us a good reputation and helps to spread the word. Most devs would just say "We dont support jailbroken phones" but when one of these guys complains on a board, the rest of the users don't understand that our game normally doesnt crash so we have to address it."

How they accomplished cutting the game down from 21 MB to 15 MB:

"I finally added all the textures to our new texture atlas technique and was able to save a bunch of memory by cropping each image to its smallest area of visible pixels. It actually looks really cool."

Check out the thread at Touch Arcade and stay tuned to our links for new info!


  1. I have an idea for an update for the game. You should make a bird that flies in the background and you have to try to hit it by flicking one of the people just like you flick them into the volcano. You could also unlock something from doing this just like in "Just Give us 5 Minutes". If you like this idea you can email me and I could give you more.