Monday, February 9, 2009

Promo Video

Check out our demo (as of release 1.04)! We'll try to add demos of new features as we go.


  1. As a Pacific Islander, I am deeply offended by this App. It disrespects all islander peoples and cultures. This iPhone App should be banned from the App Store due to it's disregard to race and it's blatantly incorrect and shallow portrayal of an indigenous peoples of island nations. I will continuously lobby Apple via email, phone, etc. in regards to banning this, and any App that disrespects an entire ethnic group of people, from the App Store.

  2. wow... Oceanian take a freakin chill pill. This app is obviously made for fun and you are taking it WAY too far.

  3. Woah... seriously... I KNOW the person who made this isn't racist like that. I know I'm not either, and i LOVE this app. Sorry if you take offense of it, but REALLY... I'm sure it wasn't meant to be anything like that. The reason it was even SET on an island, i'm sure, was to make way for the shark and volcano, hurricanes, etc. Being set on an island doesn't even have ANYTHING to do with the game. Just setting it on an island opens up a lot of funny things to do... This is about the only negative review I've ever seen for this app that claims it "has a disregard to race". Seriously.Wow.

  4. ride the lightning, good album by metallica

  5. dude, that one sucks & oceanian,shut yer freaking trap!
    ur a moron!
    pocket god is NOT making fun of u!!!!!!!!!
    shut up or I'll kill u with a gun or a knive!!!
    bolt's gonna sew u 4 this