Saturday, February 14, 2009

Simple iPhone Guide Review!

We will post reviews as they come in. Here's the first one from a site called Simple iPhone Guide:
"Ever felt like being a god? Well now you can. With this surprisingly fun and addictive game you can be the god of a small island populated by little islanders. You are able to bring life to the helpless people and you are able to take it away with a swipe of your finger. You're in control, and what you do is up to you."

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  2. Even that small paragraph is what hooked me to get Pocket God. I'll admit that the above review is in every way correct, but thats just the tip of the iceberg. I also love how the makers try to have new updates out everyweek. It sets u apart from all the other app makers. And you stay on a nice schedule. Not like the Duke Nukem: Forever producers where u say it will be out in a week and it takes you forever. No. I applaud you. +100 thumbs up! (all my friends love playing with this in class)

  3. As a Pacific Islander, I am deeply offended by this App. It disrespects all islander peoples and cultures. This iPhone App should be banned from the App Store due to it's disregard to race and it's blatantly incorrect and shallow portrayal of an indigenous peoples of island nations. I will continuously lobby Apple via email, phone, etc. in regards to banning this, and any App that disrespects an entire ethnic group of people, from the App Store.

  4. Seriously Oceanian? Sorry that you're offended, but I'm sure they just linked 'Pocket God' (as opposed to /the/ apparent God) to similar Gods attributed to more tribal people, and the setting was just what they wanted. I bet they never set out to be like "hey, those pacific islanders (or any islanders for that) are subordinate to us, so let's create an app that shows this". If they ever introduce a theming engine I'll create a caucasian version for you, where you throw them off a huge cruiser and into a fighter jet instead of a volcano. Seriously, don't take it to heart man.

    P.S. thanks for the review link!

  5. I too am a Pacific Islander and I say to Oceanian....Get A Life! PuhLeese! I so sick of all you idiots complaining about this and that not being P.C. It's a GAME, get over it. It's not like the white man is destroying our heritage, that already happened years ago. Why don't you devote your energies to something more worthwhile like saving the environment or something. It's entertainment, no one's gonna go out there and try to light some natives on fire just for the fun of it.