Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cracked the top 25!

Yay! Looks like the latest update, along with community support has helped us push Pocket God up in the ratings. I have no idea if this is a continuing trend, or if we've had a temporary jump, but it definitely motivates us to keep pushing the updates. Thanks everyone! A little off the subject, but I was going through my laptop bag and I found the original "napkin sketch" when Dave and I were first brainstorming and thought I'd share. Notice the sea monster!


  1. Wicked drawing skills! Are you gonna make that sea monster too? You guys are geniuses!

  2. Quote:"Frank said...
    Wicked drawing skills! Are you gonna make that sea monster too? You guys are geniuses!"

    I agree, you are very creative with your ability to come up with new stuff along with your connection to the public! Unlike most companies you actually listen to us instead of saying you are but aren't actually. So thank you so much for being in touch with the communitie it is very much liked.

  3. im not sure where to put ideas but i hae one, how about sumoning a tiger or a carnivor from the sky the eats everyoneand stays till you kill it. im sure that would take a lot of programing as it is a new character but it would be awesome.

  4. oh yeah one more easy thing...YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY HAVE A KILL COUNT!!!!!!!!! A little number that's at the top of the screen that keeps track of everyone you killed and resets when you leave.

  5. please make a more than one type of villager like a make and a female villager/

  6. LOL people must realize to keep the rating low they can't have a carnivore shrewd the islanders to bloody bits with blood splatter on the screen LOL just saying

    Btw you guys rock for making this game I LOVE it truly the only app I really happly paid for and still use...

    Btw the hidden unlockable in the new version ... Very cute LOL

    Keep up the great work

  7. I think a kill counter is a definite must-have! Also you should have more animations for the characters when you leave them.

    This is the best app I have ever bought! One problem with the 1.06 update, it is really laggy; it has also slowed my whole ipod down a bit.


  8. Like Zach said,

    Include a kill count but instead...
    Have a statistics page for all the things you have done like:
    - Coconuts bounced
    - Total Pygmy Death
    - Total times switched to night
    - Total times switched to day

    You could have a little icon at the bottom right corner so that it does not get in the way of the game!

    Also, i love your first devlopement drawings, i have done quite a few myself from my previous game. But mine had colour on them so i would not forget ^-^

  9. yeah maybe the carnivore would either be too bloody, or too cheezy (without blood) but the islanders should definitely be a little more interactive when there just walking around, like make them sit or yawn. or if there's more than one they should talk or maybe fight...and possibly throw coconuts at each other...then fight...and one dies. that would be funny, especially if all 6 were fighting. lol