Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get Our Face on the Book Contest

Hey everyone! Bolt Creative is holding a contest to see how many members we can add to our Group on Facebook. Tell your friends to become a member and then go to the Discussion Board Topic "I was sent by...." and merely have them enter YOUR facebook handle. The deadline is March 1, and we will tally up the entries. The top 5 will win a Pocket God T-Shirt (three designs to choose from) and the top name will be displayed on the following Pocket God release.

Facebook Group

Check out the T-shirt designs here*

* all designs are available for male/female/adult/youth


  1. Oh, and keep in mind that Allan hired the tee shirt models personally!

  2. It needs a huge island and you choose what part to go to, like a jungle, beach, desert etc. In each environent there should be different type of animals and different jobs for the people to do. There should also be a way to become a villager and do thief jobs. Doing jobs would give you $ with money you can buy more villagers or other parts for the island . Please incorporate these things into the app. By the way it is great the way it is keep on going guys!!!

  3. (this is a reply to what brian siad)
    it would probaly take lots more people to buy the game and they would have to increase the price of it for all that stuff.

  4. I WAS a Pacific Islander too, and completely NOT offended by this. C'mon dude, its not intended that way.

  5. It would be more realistic if there's some shark in the ocean
    I would also like to see some tornadoes, waves swipping the islanders
    And also it would be cute to see islanders go fishing or make a camp fire

  6. I am enjoying your updates. It's getting better and I really love it
    I want to have some updates
    It would be realistic if there's a shark in the ocean
    And tornadoes and waves swipping the islanders
    It would be very lovely if the islanders could do their jobs
    Such as fishing hunting or build their homes or do some campfire
    I wish you luck for your success and thanks for giving people smile while they play pocketgod

  7. I recintly purchased this app and I really enjoyed it! However I would like to make some sugestions. Make it to where the islanders start to build a primative life style such as make a hut, build a fire have kids. And watch them become a more advanced race and you as the "God" either sway their advancements forward or back. Also make islanders influenced by you as the "God" to be bad islanders or good.
    Haha yeah it's just a suggestion I just was thinking about it while I was playing the game. The game is fun! Thanks for hearing me out I hope to see my ideas in the future!

  8. those guys have a lot of good stuff. kinda tailor it to a simple simple version of runescape if your familiar with that.