Friday, February 27, 2009

Jump the Shark is Live

Jump the Shark is Live. Download the 1.07 update from the App Store or iTunes. Post any problems or bugs you have with the newest update here.


  1. I was playing with the shark and making him fly in circles around the screen then suddenly he started to repeatedly fly in a linefrom the top of the screen to the side. This may be a unique problem but I thought you would like to know. Ps did you see my suggestion?

  2. do i have to pay for the shark update? because it is not showing up as an update and under the app in the appstore... it says "99C", not "installed". so do i have to pay another 99C for this update?

  3. Hi I maybe found a Bug. If it is Night and the Islanders are Sleeping and you Drop a Shark on them the Shark hits The Island and doesn't Eat the Islander.

  4. Can u make it so that if a villager is in the water can the shark come up and eat him

  5. I kinda think it is boring i think the shark should be able to jump on land and eat the islanders too

  6. hi, this new update it's nice but i found that the shark won't eat sleeping pygmies, don't know if this is a bug or made on purpose besides this, all is looking good

  7. OMG I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

    though the shark should be a little less realistic looking, and you should be able to put it on the island and it stays there and eat anyone that walks by, or you can shock the shark when you see its fin

  8. Not so much a bug, but it would be great if all the different elements in Pocket God worked together a bit more consistently.

    For example, turning the phone upside down should have the rock, shark and coconuts fly into the sky. You should be able to bean the shark with the rock or coconuts (or lighting... maybe throw some cooked fish onto the island when you do that as another food source).

    Also, as god of my island, I'd like to control when a new giant rock falls. when I don't need it, it's a bit of clutter.

  9. It would be cool if you guys made it so you could blow into the microphone and cause a windstorm or tornado or something.

  10. It would be cool if you guys made it so you could blow into the microphone and cause a windstorm or tornado or something.

  11. Keep up the good work guys. I have only come across one problem so far. When you grab an islander, andnspin them and throw them straight up, if you throw them high enough, they disappear. Is that suppose to happen? Anyway, I look forward to having somethng happen with the idle head. Maybe have t eat the islander if they stand infront of it too long, or they worship it and either something good or bad happens. Anything could happen. LOL. Keep the updates coming. Maybe some weapons.

  12. i have a bug but its not with the shark. ok when u turn the ipod upside down once the islanders hang from the island, u shake the ipod to make an earthquake. the islanders stand on the island but ur still upside down and they shake like the normall earthquake effect. but once ur done they walk around the island while ur holding the ipod upside down

  13. yes mine does that too but when you like shock one of them, they will jump then they will go up in the sky.

    its like their feet is magnetized in the island =D

  14. THIS GAME IS OUTSTANDING!!!! i think a great update you guys should look at is what is suggested on the app store which is:

    Hurricanes! Meteors! Tsunamis! Tornados! (and other Natural Disasters)
    Other hungry sea creatures
    Other Islands Visitors from afar.
    Different types of islanders
    Naming the Islanders
    Customization of Island.

    These would all be AMAZING updates! especially the first option. please consider!

  15. wow this is a GREAT GAME i THINK PIRATES would be fun, like maybe have them arrive when you move the background water to the side. a ship arrive and pirates jump on the island with simalar features as the islanders have :) great game


  16. I really like the game, but here's a few ideas
    -choice of using rock or not using rock
    -Pirate ship comes in when you push the water sideways and 3 pirates jump off.
    -do something with the idle head
    -more animals
    -villagers can be customized