Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Release...

Tonight we've submitted our new update! Will probably take about 4 days to go through. I'm sure its not much of a secret what's going to be in it. And remember, in case you weren't aware, updates are always FREE!

Oh, and by the way, we're at number 3 of Top Paid Apps and number 1 in Entertainment! Hopefully we can keep it up!


  1. You Know those games where the ppl have tasks/chores etc. (farming: wheat or corn or something, and collect water for money/points so you can build huts/upgrades ect.)

    if you do that with Pocket God, you'll have the BEST app/game EVER for EVER ! (everyone keeps saying it’s a game. its not a game until you add that aspect.

    and..make them do things good/bad so you have a reason to punish them or reward them. like: not working/fighting = punish them : helping another or working harder/longer builds fire/catches fish/escapes danger etc.= reward them.

    with all your guys ideas, im sure this will be Great !

    I didn’t buy this app yet b/c it lacks GAMEPLAY !

    make them FARM/Collect n boil water (once they evovle) and make new ppl n clothes n boats to go build new island/s. then find other ppl/species where you are still GOD, maybe they fight, maybe they have piece - depends on how you train them to be...nicer GOD = Nicer PPL, meaner GOD = mean ppl. make it so we have more / diff. islands to be GOD on ! idk. Good Luck...hope this helps.

    please email me back if you like this and/or can do this !

  2. Great Job I got the app if you add different weather such as snow, rain and strong winds it will be awesome keep up the great work though!!! :D

  3. hey i love pocket god its so cool i have a question is there any way that you can make a update to be able to do acid rain

  4. why does it say episode. 7 and how do u finish all the other achievements

  5. Its a great game very fun like scoop said it would be cool to add that aspect make them live a life with a bigger island and stuff its needs MORE FEATURES like the sharks and animals maybe like a bird or something more natural diasters too and didferent types of islanders would be a nice touch great game though!!! !

  6. LOL this is a really old post!!! I rememba it in the glory days....gooooodddddd tiiiimmmmeeeessss....