Monday, February 16, 2009

Update Delays!

Okay, 1.05 is finally approved (as of tonight). Be sure to update it when it comes in. Changing day to night and vice versa is surprisingly satisfying. Not to mention we've finally started giving you a way to FEED the islanders! And we've already completed 1.06 (episode 7, sorry for the number mismatch) and submitted it....We apologize for waiting! But here's some screenshots for 1.06 (to be out Friday or Monday hopefully) titled "Just Give Us 5 Minutes!". I'll leave it to you to discover the meaning of the title. Here's a few screenshots of a new feature.

Something new is on the island. This can't be good for the unsuspecting islanders.

Ouch! Pinned under a rock! What else can go wrong?

The rock being used as a bowling ball and the islanders as pins....that's what!


  1. I think this app is awesome!! Love it!

    A quick suggestion, make the islanders be scared when you just miss them with the lightning or coconut!

    Looking forward to more updates. Check my blog at



  2. maybe for the boulder, there should be a little button you press to make it appear like the plus button. Cause if it's just always there, it might get annoying. Keep up the great work! :D

  3. Sounds great! Put a video of the update on youtube before they are relesed so we can see more in depth what we are waiting for.
    Also do that with other updates too. please.

  4. I love this App. By far the best one in the AppStore! And now it is rated #10 in the best paid entertainment apps. Thats great, more and more people will see it and then it will only become more poplular!
    I also agree about hiding the boulder somehow. It might not be neccesarry for now, but when u add more itll probably be a nice bonus so not too much is happening on screen to make it load forever or lag.
    Love your work guys!!!

  5. Looks really cool. I can't wait!

  6. i have a suggestion, maybe for the iphone you should make it that when you blow into the microphone a gust of wind blows the islanders of the map.

  7. doorman! That is actually on our list...we have to make a way for iPod Touch users to create wind as well...we've considered having the finger make circles to create wind...along with blowing in the mic! I can't wait to see the islanders blowing around in a windstorm!