Sunday, July 26, 2009

Next update title and the suggestion quandary

Whew! This next update turned out to be quite a bear. Its titled "Bait Master" and is ANOTHER crossover promotion, with our friends at Imangi Studios and their fantastic game Harbor Master. And this is the first time I actually got addicted to my own app! I hope everyone has the same reaction. So I worked all weekend, and now I'm on testing/tweaking duty and while the art part was extensive, the programming part is quite complex this time....and Dave is STILL working really really hard (I always have to be a half step ahead of he has the art assets to program with) and thought I should update the blog.

One thing we get a LOT of is...duh...SUGGESTIONS! Of course we do, because we asked for them. And we are totally in awe of the creativity of the ideas. So many come through, we can't possibly address them all. And I see the frustration of the people who don't feel like they are being heard. I try to read (and read, and read) them but its tough and my brain hurts sometimes.

If anyone hasn't seen this,pocketgodlover123 even set up a blog where he, and others can be heard.

>>See Pocket God Update Ideas blog here<<

Furthermore, when people go to the extra effort to personally animate them, I feel extra guilty when I don't address them directly. But believe our down moments we comb the internet and take them in as best we can. Here are a few I recently found on YouTube! Again, I can't list them all, and I apologize to anyone if I missed yours! Thanks guys for all the fantastic work!

DAWNING OF A HERO by SaintsAlive and the whole community!

NO PLACE LIKE ROME by dileaskApps

THE BIG SQUEEZE by theLazyGator


  1. Yay! You featured my video, No Place Like Rome! :) :) :)

  2. Dear Allan,

    Now that I actually step back and take a look at the graphics, and even more so, the episode icons, ----------->
    I notice that they really are impressive and you do a great job in creating these images and graphics. However, it puzzles me how you do them. What program do you use to create them? Is it Photoshop?
    They are just stunning. Fantastic work.

  3. hey dileaskapps i had this same idea did you come up with it or find my post on it?????

  4. I like the idea of "The Big Squeeze" the most, the "No Place Like Rome" seems a good idea but would need to have some sort of secret features other than just having the first island but with togas etc and the "Dawning of a Hero" is quite a cool idea. I can't wait till my iPod is fixed so i can play the Ooga Jump update!

  5. Cool I'm the first comment.
    I think a cool idea to add to one of the updates would be iff you could cook the shark then when the pygmies eat it they get really fat. It would also be good if you could tease the t-Rex by dangling pygmies above it like the shark and if you could let the pygmies ride on the back of the animals/bird.

  6. I like the new update but could you make some little improvements in the next update. Firstly, could there be a greater distinction between the clouds and fake clouds. Also, when you jump on a platform, you should be higher up on the screen so if you miss a platform you may be able to save yourself by landing on a platform slightly lower down. Look at Doodle Jump for a good exmaple of how to do it well. I look forward to the next update.

  7. i am SO addicted to ooga jumping:D i have a little question. how high do you have to jump before you meet the doodleguy

  8. Wow, all of these ideas are awesome!!!!! I'll address them one at a time so I don't get them confused.

    The Dawning of a Hero: This is one of the greatest ideas that I have ever seen posted by a fan (or fans apparently) of Pocket God. I love the idea of the warrior and the vampire dueling. It is really great!!!! What if, instead of having an angel make the pygmy a hero, you have a flying saucer abduct him, you see some flashing lights, and he comes out as super pygmy. Overall, great idea!!! :)

    No Place Like Rome: Now, this is a great idea. I love the way you thought of to move the pygmies to Rome, but what is wrong with the idea that is already in place? (the map) I also like the idea of the lion eating them. Good thinking there. I like that you thought of them wearing togas, but if that were done then you would have to make the pygmies wear animal skins or something on T-Rex island. You could also incorperate The Dawning of a Hero into this idea. You could have the pygmy that would be a hero be a gladiator instead of whatever he would be on the 'Island De Original'(do you like what I thought of as a name for the island? I thought of it while watching le Tour de France.) and you could have a hero on T-Rex island be a great hunter/provider or something. Wonderful idea!!!!! :)
    PS: I also like the way you put the column into the island. Nice touch!!! :)

    The Big Squeeze: Now this is a good idea. You have the basic stuff for an octopus attack. You have your summoning, your capturing, your squeezing, and your sound effect with the blob of ink falling to the bottom of the ocean. This idea has possibilities and I like it. Only one problem out of the entire thing. The tapping on the statue would bring in the spear automatically. There should be a better way to bring on the squid. Good thinking everywhere else though!!!!!!!! :)

    Good job everyone!!! :)

  9. Hey, what is there to say, it is no joke, the best 59p I'm ever likely to spend, thankyou soooo much for saving me boredom in those hours when my mum took me to the opera... Anyways i'm probaby not meant to wrote this but hey, everyone here has a sense if humour, so check out my blog at (sorry)

  10. I think they are all excellent and fun, mostly the angel and octopus one, the rome one is good but could be better, there could be gladiator pygmys when u tap the pillar four times, and in the background there should be an amphitheater. Otherwise it is a very creative idea.

  11. Bolt Creative,
    Thank you for posting something about my Blog, and even a link!! I am really honored to be posted about. Also did you see my idea I posted on the post "Ooga Jump is out" you can check it out if you want. Thanks again for posting about my Blog, check it out and even follow it if you want to ok??

  12. I love the invincible idea, though maybe - the angel. I love PG!!!

  13. Hey Bolt Creative! I just thought of another trilogy of updates that you could use! Ok, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this is based off of Lord of the Rings... but anyway...

    1. Fellowship of The Oogmie!
    This update could be where (I'm borrowing saintsalive's video idea) all the pygmies choose a leader amongst themselves to be the 'Hero' and just like saintsalive's idea, be invincible to almost anything. And you could have to dueling thing too!

    2.The Two Islands
    This one could be a pair of two new islands where say, on one, could be all vampires and the other could be all Heroes. and underwater could be where they duel! And yes, for being a loyal LOTR fan, you could have the trees come alive and pick up vampire pygmies and throw them.

    3.Return of the Dino!

    This update could be one where the hero goes up against the dino and you get to play as the dino and try to destroy pygmies for a change!

    PS. I realize that these ideas probably need some work to actually be able to be functional on the iphone/ipod, but these are just ideas that I thought of.

    PPS. Credit for the pygmy hero goes to saintsalive and the toucharcade disscusion.

    Please consider!

  14. Do the Hero one! Do it! If you flicked him into the distance, he could swim back! Drop the shark on him, he beats it up! Drop him in Ooga Jump, he just lands normally. T-Rex tries to eat him, he beats it up. The hurricane isn't strong enough to lift him up. The underwater harpoon can't penetrate him. The ants don't dare touch him! Gravity has no effect on him. He can't be burnt! The only thing that can kill him is moonlight, the vampire, or via "you KNOW you like Pocket God."
    Invincible Pygmy F.T.W.

  15. hi...those ideas were pretty impressive lol

  16. I think you should have the pirhanna summoned underwater by touching the "Diamond"eye. One more thing. I found a glitch. If you start the shark snap challenge, then roast the Pygmy your using for the challenge, the shark will still eat the burnt Pygmy. Weird. Lol. Idea.

    You guys should make the option to turn gravity on and off. The Pygmy will float above, then you turn the gravity on and WHAM! The pygmy is flattened. What do you guys think?

  17. I like all of those ideas. I had the idea for an invincible god pygmie first. The giant squid you should be able to control his tentacles above the water

  18. Heyy. check out my ideas i posted on pocketgodlover123's blog! i think they're very interesting but might be too much. let me know!

    also, im trying to set up a fan blog at:
    come check it out. cant wait for harbor master!

  19. You should add in-app content where you can purchase $0.99 islands for 3.0.

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  21. OH MAN!!! dawning of a hero is flipin awsome! i would pay for that update! just have it be more of like punching and kicking for a duel at the end and give the daytime dude a mini god power like jump or tiny zap or somthing. Then rome is a good one exept have them wrestle the lion instead, PLEASE USE THESE UPDATES!!!

  22. Hey I just got another idea! This one is pretty similar to the underwater idea someone else came up with but a with a little twist. I would call it Surf's up, but that name has already been taken... this one could be called the REAL Surf's Up!

    If on the first island maybe, they had a surfboard of all things. When you pick up a pygmie and put him on it, he just pretends he's surfing like those beginners on the beach.

    But then when you make a tidal wave, rather than going underwater, the camera follows the pygmie that was on the board as he rides the wave. Thats when the mini-game starts.

    To control the pygmie, lean the iphone/ipod touch forward and backwards, not side to side, to move the board and avoid obstacles such as rocks, boats, etc. and get things that will speed you up, such as tornados that slingshot you forward or avoid things that will slow you down like seaweed.

    And finally once you hit something, the pygmie falls off the board and the wave crashes down on him (I call it wiped out). Then you are returned to the underwater place where the rest of the pygmies have been waiting. (distance measured in Oogles of course)

    Tell me how you like this idea, I think it's pretty good.

  23. i was just thinkn about a comment someone left awhile ago, and it sed that they were dissappointed that u havnt put any god powers in recently. and one power i have been wanting for a LONG time is when the pygmies discover agriculture!!

    Name: umm... idk

    Details: A new option on the menu will have a plant picture if you turn it on, 3 seeds will fall from the sky. just like the firewood, the pygmies pick them up, and they bury them (they can bury them anywhere as opposed to one spot). then, there will be a power to make it rain. to do this you press the clouds, and flick downward. if you make it rain for a while, then change it to sunny, a small tree slowly sprouts (its not as big as the other trees). the plant is 1 of three tropical fruits: Bananas, pineapples, or papayas (each seed is different). then you can poke the tree, and it falls apart, the fruit in one place, and the rest of the tree somewhere else. the pygmies stack the wood from the trees, and if you strike it with lightning, then FIRE. so another thing this would allow, is fire on the 1st island!! and also, when the plant falls apart, a new seed comes off, so you can plant more.

  24. ATTENTION BLOG PEOPLE!!! I made a pocket good blog so PLEASE look at it here. Look at it for tons of cool stuff!

  25. Hey I wanted to extend upon my octopus idea,

    Since the head of the octopus is out of the water, I think it would be awesome if when you went underwater it's tenacles were down there in the background and they would take the pygmies every once and a while, but the octopus will try to attack them all with SIX tenacles! (thats 6 out of 8, and the other two are up top remember).

    Until you've taken out the octopus' bottom tenacles, it can evade the pygmies as you flick them at it.

    To take out it's 6 tenacles, start up a whirlpool underwater, then the tenacles all get tangled in a knot in the center. Then to top it all off, skewer the tenacle-knot into the idol's mouth and have it trapped and it stays still in the middle so you can attack it!

    I think that adding this would make it a lot more diverse when comparing it to the t-rex. What do you think?

  26. Am I the only one that noticed, making the vampire and the hero at the same time would be impossible? At night u make a vampire, then go to create a hero and the vampire dies! U won't have time to get both at the same time because the vampire dies in the sunset!

  27. I love all those ideas, especially the hero one. If u turned that into an update, that would b a good time to raise the price of pocket god

  28. Hey this Idea is kinda similar to the t-rex and I explained it pretty thoroughly so sit back and enjoy!

    1. If they put something like an idol or the thing that they used in Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End to summon the Kraken, in the place where the piles of rocks are currently at on Tyrannosaurus Island.

    2. If you pick up a pygmy and drop him next to the wheel, it'll start pushing it but it won't move. Same thing when you have two of them trying. But when you have 3 pygmies they will start to rotate the wheel and the thing will pop up and send shock waves through the water like it does in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    3. Then a giant octopus, that looks like the one you can choose as you're god type, emerges from the water in the background and starts terrorizing the pygmies with a tentacle on either side of the island, taking one every few moments. It has a health bar that takes ten or so shots to kill it.

    4. The only way to defeat it is to aim pygmies at it and flick them, but it keeps moving out of the way so you can’t hit it. To keep it still, go underwater, it's tentacles are down there in the background and they take pygmies every once and a while. The octopus will try to attack them all with SIX tentacles! (That’s 6 out of 8 and the other two are up top if you remember).
    Note: To take out it's 6 bottom tentacles, start up a whirlpool underwater, then the tentacles all get tangled in a knot in the center (other wise they stay out of the skewer’s line of sight). Then to finish them off, skewer the tentacle-knot into the idol's mouth and have it trapped and it stays still in the middle so you can attack it op top!

    Scenery Note: As for distance, the octopus will be somewhere in the middle so you can shoot over it, making it require some skill to hit it. When a pygmy hits the octopus, it bounces off of its head and all the way back to the island, safe and sound. But after you hit it, it will flinch a little and then roar loudly with its mouth wide open. If you try to hit it during this time, the pygmy will be swallowed and won't cause the octopus any damage. I call that sacrifice "Eaten by Sushi". 

    Once you’ve hit it enough times and its health bar is gone, it falls back into the water for a classic PG defeat.

    I hope I was able to accurately illustrate my idea. If you like it, please comment about it, or say something in your next post. I think this would be the best Boss Battle update for PG ever so please respond to this or talk about it in your next post!

  29. OMG Dawning of a HERO rofl LMAO make that shizz happen. I would love every moment of that ahahahha

  30. Hey you guys, I just wanna say if you guys can join my blog,just click on my username and go to Pocket Gaming.
    Alright then Thanks.

  31. I've had this game since it came out and this blog inspired me to have my own blog about what i love MUSIC.
    P.S. I love pocket god its my favorite on my phone, keep on with the updates

  32. Wow, thanks so much for posting my animation! Love the other 2 as well!

  33. another update idea is that you could do something in the menu, and a drop-down menu would appear. there would be 3 options: hot (a sun icon), regular (idk what the icon would be), and cold (a snowflake icon). there would also be new power to make it precipitate, by swiping down on the storm clouds. if you're on regular temperature, then its rain. if youre on cold, its snow, and if its hot, you make a heat wave. you could have some real fun with this update, like when you make it cold, they shiver, unless theyre next to the fire. and if you make it SNOW, they could even turn into ice cubes! with the heat, they would sweat and pant. if you make a heat wave, they pass out, unless you drop them in the water, then you pick them up, wet and refreshed. the regular mode would just be back to normal.

  34. I'm sure you have already heard this a million times but Ooga Jump is an amazing minigame. I feel like these new minigames have made Pocket God into a game where you can play the minigames, get frustrated, kill some pygmies with a variety of methods, and then calm down to play the minigames again.

    This new life you have added to Pocket God is great although I'm starting to expect more from you guys. Don't worry though because if this second minigame and the one after it are as good/better than Ooga Jump you could go quite a while without updating and I would still be happy.

  35. No efence, but Lazygator I had that idea first, not to be rude or anything!

  36. Hey guys, I found a glitch, you may have found it already but its were the burnt dodo is stuck in the air.

  37. I think it's good how you with the hero but you could make him fly and go to the clouds to play ooga jump but only the hero jumps higher but when he falls hemakes a big crack in the ground but it goes away if the t-Rex comes and you hit it

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  39. Can you also make the hero fly by pressing on him two times and when he falls he makes a crack in the ground but it goes away .p.s it's the best!!!

  40. I just found such a cool glitch. I was playing ooga jump, my guy fell and then at the guy that was fishing fell into the water and just sat on the water continuing to fish and float, and the guy that fell took his place on the land fishing, so I had two fishers one on land one floating on the water. It was so cool

  41. I have alot of suggesttions:
    1. I think you should do the hero thing. The problem is that if the hero dies at night and the vampire dies in day it will be impossible for both to make it to sunset. But you guys could probably think of something.
    2. In there's no place like Rome I liked the idea that there was a map. Here's my idea: I don't know if you remember like a month back, someone sent apicture of pocket planet. Which is on the moon. I think that the map should show the water and sky, and you can go to pocket planet. There the oogs can have astronaut gear. And if you tap on the glass in their helmets three times the glass break and the pygmie dies.
    3. There should be more customization. You should be able to change gender, hair, age, clothes, and personality.
    4. I think aliens should be a part of this. One idea I always had was that if you shoved a coconut into the meteor hole an alien would come out one of the other hole.
    5. I now this one is thinking too big to become a real update but I think you shoul make a metal island that has robots. And instead of a real shark a robot one. And maybe an electronic one.
    6. Also I think another island should be a broken ship.

    Well I think I've written enough

  42. I know a glitch to make a pygmy eat another pygmy. first u start on the dino iusland with the firewood and make sure there are no pygmies. Then u must tilt the screen once and have all the items fall off. Then U make a sunset and add one pygmy and put him on your right side of the tree. Then You shock the bird with lightening and put his remains on the bonfire place. Then u stack all the peices of would with your finger on the bonfire place. then u put the pygmy on the side on the bonfire. He will sttack the three peices of wood and then instead of eating the remains of the bird a random pygmy shows up and he eats the pygmy and dies. I AM NOT JOKING IT WORKS IF U DO IT EXACTLY AS I SAY.

  43. Pocket God is right thats crazy, good find.

  44. I know how to make vampire and hero at same time :D make the vampire at night, turn meteor on and put the put meator on him so he is squished but not in water, then make it day time (not sunset) then since he is squished he can't suffer then you can call the angel then make it sunset then turn meator off then the duel can take place! :D. But have duel be more like punching instead of "tug of war" idea... But otherwords PLEASE use that for the update after bait master

  45. Ok I had some ideas for the "Dawn of a Hero" idea. First, instead of putting in another load of animation to make the hero not die is tons of certain ways, I think the hero should have a force field. Secondly, we he and the vampire are fighting I think the hero should fly up into the air, but the vampire jumps up at him. The vampire could have some of the vampire powers from twilight. Finally, I think there should be able to be a new island in the clouds for all of the hero pygmies, and a special portal at night that takes the vampire pygmies to an evil graveyard island.

  46. Adam,
    Those are flippin sweet ideas!!!
    Bolt creative,
    Use Adams ideas and some that I put on the link provided :)

  47. Surfs Up 2:Wave Rider

    In this update idea you will be able to select a new Surfer Island from the location menu, select a surfboard from the island selection menu,a Pygmy will pick the surfboard up go to the left or right side of the island and waids into shallow water and waits. If you flick the water up a wave will form (the pygmy will get onto the board and start surfing farther and farther away from the island) (the screen will be fixed on the surfing pygmy)the pygmy will wipeout if it hits a rock,gets attacked by a shark,Krakken,Loch Ness monster,octopus or flying Creatures like the bird, a perradactyl(selected from the menu),or if it looses its balance or if you tap the pygmy and it gets flicked off the board, crashes ,wipes out,the waves will subside and if the pygmy wipes out, it will try to swim to shore . the farther the pygmy is faster it will get tired(a selection from all island menus)and it will drown if it hasnt reached shore(there would also be a stamina option ,some pygmys will have more than others)that means the pygmy will able to swim farther, fight off sharks,dinosaurs ,vampires and from being zombified, but by swiming, fighting ,and by wrestling with other pygmys (another option from the menu) the pygmy will gather strengthto be able to beat zombies ,vampires,sharksand flying creatures, not to get sidetracked, if the Pygmy gets on the island by swimming, just as the pygmy is walking onto the shore you can tap the ground underneath it, the othe pygmys will run to the other side of the island, as a krakken tenticle will come out of the water and start gropping the ground for the pygmy , as the pygmy that was surfing looks at the others (if there are other pygmys on the island ) will turn around ,tripping , falling on its back , as the krakken grabs and then drags the squiming, yelling pygmy into the ocean ,if you tap the other pygmys, they will run towards the yelling pygmy and try to pull it out of the krakken's tenticle and depending on the strength and stamina of the pygmys helping they either will be pulled into the water or pull the screaming pygmy out of the krakkens tenticle and drag the water soaked pygmy to dry land.