Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacations Completed and Dave's State of the Island

I kind of liked calling it the "Dave Report" because it somehow implied that our Dave is the only Dave in existence so of course the "Dave Report" is about Pocket God. Okay, maybe that doesn't make much sense.

Well, summer vacations are over! Dave is more relaxed and I am nursing a ton of mosquito bites (update idea) but now we're back. I did some blog checking while I was gone but I am behind..but really, what else is new? Also, while I was gone, Ooga Jump was submitted (on Friday)....and we are HOPING it will come out this week.

In Dave's latest Touch Arcade post he talks about the possibilities of PG branching out:
"We hired a consultant named Jean Mathews in order to help us find companies that are interested in licensing Pocket God for other platforms. The most obvious platform is the other mobile devices but we have been having some really promising conversations with other companies that want to bring Pocket God to platforms you wouldn’t normally expect. We want to get closer to reaching a deal before announcing it, but I think the other platforms we are looking at might have a chance to be bigger than Pocket God on the iPhone."

How's that for a tease? Well, we'll see what happens and let everyone know. Read the rest here:

>> Read Dave's Touch Arcade Post Here <<

The cartoon above is by Curtis Smith, one of our Wallpaper Contest finalists! I like how one of the Pygmies is named Carl. Now THAT'S comedy :) Thanks, Curtis!


  1. good stuffzzz, more updatessss!

  2. Your updates just get more and more exciting. It looks like you put real effort into this one!

    I realize that currently, your updates are more into creating "Mini-games" to have more of a goal to the game. That's fine and all, but I do really hope that in a few updates you go back to just adding "God Like" powers. Making a bird poop doesn't really feel like being omnipotent :D

    I do have one idea for a future update. I think it would be wonderful if you could use the "Pinch-spread" touch to enlarge and shrink the Pygmies. A giant Pygmie stomping around with an angry face, or a little one running around would, in my opinion, be highly entertaining. I'm sure you could find a way to make it even more entertaining as well.

    That statue does not lie. I know I love pocket god!

  3. The sock, your idea about the pygmies getting bigger and smaller at your command is very creative, but it has a few problems. This idea would really mess up a lot of the functions that are already in Pocket God. For example, the T-Rex wouldn't be strong enough to take down the giant pygmies, the giant pygmies would be too big to get eaten by the shark and ants, the bird couldn't fly the giant pygmies away, the vampire wouldn't be strong enough to send them flying into the ocean, they couldn't eat any of the tiny grilled food or coconuts, they wouldn't choke on the burnt food because their throats would be too big, if they stepped on the fire, it would just go out, it would take an hour to make them be marshmallowed even if you could pick them up, the list goes on and on. What I am trying to say is, giant pygmies would take away a lot of your godly powers in the game since they would be immune to practically everything. However, your idea is original and creative. I also like your idea of how to make them bigger. Great thinking there. :)
    PS: If you have any other good ideas, just click on the green PUPPYLOVER#1 above this comment to get to my blog. I would love it if you posted your ideas as comments on my blog. :)

  4. Gods of Pocket God, I am glad that you had a good time on your vacation. I am sorry about your mosquito bites though. Glad you could turn that DOWN into an UPdate idea. :) As a suggestion for that idea, if you were to do it, I think that they could come out of their nest and swarm a pygmy and take his grass skirt instead of his hair bone. (since the ants take the hair bone) You could, if you do do the idea, put the nest in that tree on the dinosaur/porta-potty/fire island. That would be a great location since it is only used for decoration right now. If you do use it or if you don't, either way, I like your idea.
    PS: The comic is great!!!!! It looks like you Gods of Pocket God made it!!!!! My 'props' to Curtis Smith.
    PPS: What you said in this post about the Dave report thing not really making much sense, it makes a lot of sense to me. Ha Ha!!!!! You are funny!!! :)
    PPPS: Since the update has been sent in already and if it is not too much trouble, could you guys post the icon for the next update? I am REALLY curious!!!!!!! Thanks either way. :)

  5. Thankyou for putting this on the blog :D
    I am glad you like it!

  6. I read this comment from the post Vote For Pocket God. It said 'Voting for Pocket easy a pygmy could do it'. I thought it was cool, creative, and funny!!!! If you do use it for next year's app awards Gods of Pocket God, I have two things to say. One, this was not my idea so do not give me the credit. Give it to whoever thought of it. And two, this is a copy of the 'Geico, so easy a caveman can do it' thing. Sorry if I misspelled Geico. :)

  7. I never thought my suggestion would make it to an actual update :D It seems awesome!

    Keep up the good job!

  8. I read Dave's Touch Arcade post and I think that this update may not have as many happy Pocket God app owners, if you know what I mean. I, however think that it may be fun. I thought that the update was something else altogether. I guess I was wrong.
    PS: When are the Pygmies going to have visitors from the red planet in the sky?
    PPS: Dave's Touch Arcade post got me thinking. What in the world is going to happen with the paranah? (Sorry about the spelling)

  9. Allan I was wondering if you could make me an admin on the facebook site and I could monitor it a bit more and send any info that is importat to you or dave like glitche. If you agree with this my name is Calum Stewart and I am already a member of the facebook site thx

  10. I think the logo is great and im not sure i read rite but did you say pirhanas? I think it was underneath the picture, which is again kick-A, but that sounds insanely awesome.

    I had an idea that you could put a big jurassic sized beetle on the tree's on both islands and let pygmies get taken away or chomped on by it when you touch it 3 times to get it angry like the ants. Im you 2 will figure out a way to pimp it out with some crazy stuff like the last episode. Keep up the good work guys.

  11. hey puppy lover #1 I don't want to sound rude or anything but i think that it's kinda harsh the way you are pointing out all of the flaws of peoples ideas for updates, I know you are just tryin to help but some people actually have to muster up a lot of courage just to post up their ideas and it doesn't help when you point out all the flaws

  12. i really think you guys need to STOP putting things on trex island, and start putting stuff back on the "island of oog". its getting boring playing there, even though its the origional island...
    and maybe on trex island, if you turn the outhouse off, it actually goes away, instead of the sign coming up.

  13. Hey guys congradulations on winning the app awards I just checked and you guys won. Also I think it would be cool to have bigger and smaller pygmies and aliens and maybe different types of characters like it has said for so long on your app page, but please do the changing temperature first. Thanks and good work creating the worlds most creative app!

  14. Here Are A Few Ideas for PG Updates

    Name: Winter Wonderland
    Features: Tap storm cloud with two fingers and watch the snow and an igloo fall from the sky. Pygmies put Eskimo snow suits on. Pygmies build a snowman that, when aggravated, puts on a magic hat and turns into an evil snowman that jumps around and tries to jump on top of the pygmies. Islanders hide in the igloo by outrunning the slow jumping snowman. Snowman melts away with snow and igloo when both open sky (not stormy sky) and sun are up and showing.

    Name: Pygmy's Best Friend
    Features: Add in cats; dogs; or cats and dogs with the menu bar. They would be small little animals, about the size of the coconuts, which play with the pygmies or each other. When it snows, the pets also wear snow suits. Dogs and cats favor certain people, the ones on the island when they first appear. Try to eat the fish or coconuts before the islanders. They also scare the bat away if they are still awake when the bat comes to bite the islanders.

    Name: The Other Planet
    Features: An alien comes in a UFO (turn off and on in menu) when an islander is held above the clouds at the top of the screen. UFO sucks islanders up in a green beam that drops them back down as alien pygmies that act just like the normal pygmies while the dogs and cats bark at them suspiciously. There can be variations of types of alien pygmies. If an alien pygmy is dragged to the top of the screen a second time, they will become gigantic alien pygmies and start attacking the normal islanders and hit them off the island. The alien pygmies are killed like the other pygmies, and come back in their normal pygmy form, after pressing the plus button. Giant alien pygmies do not attack other alien pygmies.

  15. There should be a feature on feint where you can read this blog. (pocketblog) please concider

  16. I totally voted for Pocket God. It's an amazing game!

    Please, STOP taking down every single idea anyone makes. You turn out dozens of ideas, but anytime someone makes an idea, you just smack them down.

    Your arguements are sound, and I'm not just ignoring them, but you aren't Bolt Creative. If it's not possible, let THEM say so. It's really discuraging to me, and to basically everyone else. This is suppose to be a fun game, so let us be little fans. :D

    Sorry for the rant, but it's been bugging me ;)

  17. I don't know about every one else but I would like to know about those PG charms that you posted about that were made by Asel.

  18. Puppy Lover #1, i agree with the people who said it is kinda mean to find all the flaws in update ideas but i know u r trying 2 help. For a suggestion: how about one called
    "The Lost World". Where there is another island and more dinosaurs are on the island like Velociraptors and Sea monsters. Underwater there is a cave with sea monsters and they drag pygmys in the cave.

    Another would be called

    "War of the Islands"

    Where u see an island in the backround of the second island when u tap on it, islanders of that island come and if u kill all of ur islanders, u control the new ones and then the added pygmys and the new pygmys fight. Just some ideas.

  19. jjdelcarpio and the sock. Please look at the next post on this blog. In the comment section of that post you will see an explanation for a lot of stuff you are upset about.
    PS: I haven't only 'smacked down' ideas and such, I have given input, encouragement to think of more ideas, and more. I do not comment to ruin people's self esteem, or to 'smack down on them'. I understand why you are upset with me and again, I have put a comment in the next post explaining this. I know that I am not Bolt Creative, and I to not try to make myself look like I am. I do not want to ruin the happiness of Pocket God in any way. I too am a fan of Pocket God, and I LOVE it. I mean, why else would I be asking about updates, posting comments, and looking at this blog day after day hoping for a post? I am not trying to destroy people's confidence or courage, I would hate it too if that happened to me. In fact, I have personally gone to the blogs of people that have sworn at and cut down people's ideas, videos, or whatever else and told them exactly what I think of that. I do not want anyone to stop putting up ideas for the Gods of Pocket God to review or make into updates. I want people to come up with even more. I try my hardest to let people know about problems with something as gently as I can. I don't want anyone that isn't a pygmy hurt when Pocket God is the whole subject. Pocket God rocks. It is about creativity, great fun, and the awesome updates that come from the Gods of Pocket God and their fans. Please accept this as some sort of apology from me. Thank you. :)

  20. yeah Chris same here, anyone know the site where you can get them?

  21. LEXXaman, ur ideas r really good. But maybe the pygmys could throw the bone to the dogs. And if they don't, the dogs attack them. I voted for PG!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad u guys won u deserved it. P.s puppylover, just stop

  22. Maybe for the giant Pygmy, the vampire could attack and fail. He would start crying then a lightbulb would come above his head and he could bite the giant and make him deflate. Just a thought to
    make the giant killable.

  23. I agree with puppy lover #1.... some ideas would just mess to much stuff up, like the giant pigmy would be to much of a hastle... the trex, under water, turning to stone, fishing, ants, and so much more stuff... and he is letting them know about flaws so 1. doesnt mess up pg and 2. so the people who came up with the ideas can perfect them. i think some sweet ideas would be to have a regular size pigmy who respresents you and can not die... like hurricane he grabs on to a tree, skewer the pointy thing breaks when it hits him, vampire he stabs a stake into them, and he can swim so if he gets in the water he can just swim back to shore, lightning he just shakes it off, ants he steps on them, poison foods he throws up and the food comes out, gravity upside down he grabs onto somthing and cant be forced to let go, trex when the trex eats him he gets pooped out, shark he wrestles it and wins.
    you could select him by going to the place where it shows how many sacrifises (ect.) and select him there... then you could chose from a list and give him just a teeny tiny god power like, little light bolt or somthing. here are some other ideas too
    FIGHTS vs everything! (mini god, vampire, trex ect) vampire vs trex! oh ya!!! ... giant squid to fight underwater... huts (flamable)... double tap mars and they go to it... multiple vampires, change temp... riping pigmys in half

    then here is a way to have fire on original island, 1. pigmys gather wood 2. double tap volcanoe 3. little splash of volcanoe comes down and egnites it, or you can hold a pigmy above the fire and lava hits him then after holding him for like 5 seconds he turns to dust. YAY!!!
    PS puppy lover feel free to point out any flaws and i will try to perfect them :)
    PSS congrats on wininng!
    PSSS these ideas=back in top ten
    PPSSS try to add alot of these ideas in 1 ep.
    PPPSSS PG RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Sorry PuppyLover #1 for me saying u should stop commenting on ideas, after wat u just said in ur comment i realize what you mean, constructive criticism, in fact can u give reviews about my ideas, my username is TS.

  25. The game is awesome and really fun. I have an idea for an could make so you can change the hair styes and faces to make them look more like the people they're named's just a thought but I think it would be really fun to customize the people.

  26. yo i reviewed ur app! read it and other app reviews at