Thursday, July 30, 2009

State of the Island

Dave does his postmortem report on Touch Arcade. He goes ahead and explains "Bait Master"...
"So, the Bait Master update really came together really well. I'm just going to spill the beans now and say it's a Harbor Master mechanic where you guide Piranha that come in from the side of the screen to eat floating Pygmies and when they are full from eating, you give them a path to take them back off screen. When a Pygmy is eaten, he dies and floats to the surface and you have to add another Pygmy to be eaten and the game ends when two Piranhas touch each other or two Piranhas try and eat the same Pygmy."
He also talks about what he is up to for the next update, Idle Hands 2 <--title not decided. I had thought he needed to make some code cleanup, but he says 'no so!' (better go edit my previous post) Besides the idles, we are going to be integrating Buddy Challenges. What's that entail? Well, read his post!

>> Read Dave's Touch Arcade Post Here! <<

Image above by Jake Roth!


  1. Hey! Some pocket god bloggers (including me) are forming a blog where all 6 of us discuss pocket god and stuff. We've worked really hard so please look at the plans we've made a pocketgodlover123's blog. We are called the POCKETGODS. (see what it stands for at the blog.) I also think you should make a post about us beacuse we're working SOOOOO hard!

  2. Hey guys, as always PG is awsome. I think that instead of having friends through only twitter and facebook you should also have them through fient. I don't have a twitter or facebook account and neither do my friends and I don't really want one. I hope you implement this because I'm infering that the buddy chanleges will be done through friends. Thanks! P.S. Whoo! First post

  3. The next update sounds cool and everything, but I am getting kind of tired of mini games. I like just having the random no goal destruction of the pygmies. After the idle hands 2 update, what do you think you will be doing for the next update Gods of Pocket God?

  4. Oooh, I can't wait, this will make pocket god #1

  5. You should put bananas on the egg island and the idle could be a pygmie climbs the tree to either get the coconut or the bananas.

    or one of them could start a fight and the just star punching eachother. That's it, no one dies just punching.

  6. lol, if these crossovers are meant to help the apps besides PG then its working! i just bought harbor master and its soooo fun!!! cant wait to have somthing like that in pg! its gunna be SWEET!

  7. Please help I can't sign out of my old Twitter account so please fix this plroblem!!! I'm sure there are more people with this problem! So please, I think u should put it in the iPhones seting app so it would be alot easyer so please help thanx.

  8. Woohoo! My photo made it! Double the excitement!

  9. heyyy come check out the new update and ideas blog. its at! its pretty great and has alot of cool ideas, pictures, polls, and etc. i hope dave or allan can advertise it on their blog because we've worked hard and found a system thats working out for us! thanks!

    also i had a great idea! here it is!
    - you can toggle the dodo bird with a whole new bird! a pterodacyl, a dinosaur-like bird.

    -When you drag and drop a pygmy on its back while it flies back and forth, and then it flies off the screen, A new mini game starts!

    -it'll be like cube runner except you are flying so you can go up and down along with side to side. You fly, avoiding clouds and thunder clouds.

    -you travel in oogles and if you hit a cloud, its game over, and you crash into the water and go back to the island. if you hit a thunder cloud, you light on fire and crash ("crash and burn")
    Let me know what the fans think! there is this idea and alot more in full description on the P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S. BLOG! Its intense!

  10. Hi guys. I have an update idea that's sort of like the hero update idea but with a twist! First off, you have a normal pygmy. Then, you must tap the sun to see if he is a worthy hero. If he is, you can choose from a set of powers!

    For the fire power you would have to hang your worthy pygmy over the fire but instead of burning, he has the ability to shoot flames out of his hands! Then, he could protect himself from anything that you throw at him (so if you wanted to drop a coconut on his head, he's shoot flames at it.) Then, you would have to tap the sun again to take his powers away.

    For the power of flight, you would have to feed a roasted bird to a worthy pygmy. It will then grow wings and be able to fly. Also when you use a hero who can fly in Ooga Jump, you will have winged clouds and when you land on them, the hero will flap his wings and send his soaring higher.

    For water power, you would have to hang a worthy pygmy over a shark. When the shark grabs him, he will spit out the hero and swim away. The water pygmy will have the ability to stop those huge waves. Also, he will have an advantage in the up-coming mini game. (bait master) I don't know what that advantage is because bait master isn't out yet.

    Check out more cool ideas and news for pocket god at!!

  11. go to here

    Theres an awesome glitch that makes pygmies eeat eachother! Don't take this out though.

  12. Woo can't wait for the new update and I'm not sure if this was intentional for pun purposes but switch the words "bait master" around and see lol