Friday, July 17, 2009

Vote For Pocket God!

Hey, is holding an online-voting contest for apps. Pocket God is in the category for "Most Creative", so go vote for us! By the way, while I encourage you to vote for the apps you like in other isn't super-necessary to pick something for EVERY category....there are alot!

>> Vote For Pocket God at <<


  1. You got my vote!

  2. Two things. One, can we vote more than once? And two, is there any word on Ooga jump?

  3. i vote for Pocket God! :D :D :D :D

  4. Did you already submit the next update and please post the icon. You don't say anything about the new update! Why?


    PS:I vote for you!

  5. I already voted and it was a hard decision for best app of the year......
    Did you already submit the ooga jump update??
    What is the next update?

  6. I want to ask one more time, please can you consider my update idea that I made with puppy lover #1. It is on the comment section of the Pocket God Forums ad. PLEASE ALLAN AND DAVE, CONSIDER MY IDEA!!!!!
    P.S Go Pocket God for most creative app!!!

  7. Deffinatly voting. And btw to Puppy Lover: I wasn't meaning all tht in on update, I was just giving ideas. And the reason I don't really like the ooga jump idea is tht it just seems to, idk, far out from the pocket god idea. It's just a game with the pygmies, and doesnt have god like powers or any thing. Lol but Im still a fan

  8. Dude you s got my vote. I think poket god could mybee go on the palm pre or something?

    Here me out.
    You give the palm pre (or what ever) the first version of the app then you give the next version everyweek you will be number 1 in no time!!

    plzzz responed!

  9. Heyy i voted for you guys :).
    Any hints you guys can give
    for the next update "ooga jump
    and when it will be comming out?

  10. I voted for pocket god. Everyone should do the same. Cant wait for the update guys. You should have pirhanna that eat the islanders underwater. They put up a struggle and fail. Theyre bones are left behind and theyre skeletons sink to the bottom. They can be summoned by clicking on the idles eye underwater.

  11. Voting for Pocket easy a pygmy could do it

  12. Well done on pocketgod!

    I have a small problem with it, well, with Feint really!
    For some reason I have 2 feint accounts, 1 for pocketgod and 1 for ALL other feint enabled games!

    Is there any way of completly deleting pocketgod data so I can change feint name? I have deleted and restarted but it remembers my Feint info!

    Keep up the great work with updates!

  13. ok, i voted for pocket god on most creative, hope you guys win!!!!

  14. OMG mosquitoes!!!!

    i can't wait for ooga jump!!!