Friday, July 31, 2009

Shoutout to Pocketgamer

We shamelessly monitor Google for articles about US. This is a bad habit because every now and then you find something really negative...but on the other hand, its good to know the criticisms. Well, one site that has always given us a bunch of POSITIVE press is (or and we wanted to say "thanks, guys!".

Here are the various articles they've published...

What does the Pocket God, Doodle Jump, Harbor Master mash-up mean

Pocket God and Harbor Master crossing paths again

Pocket God and Harbor Master to join forces on the iPhone

Bolt Creative looking to bring Pocket God to other platforms

Pocket God's peak sales figures revealed


    You will find all the current glitches there. Can't wait for Bait Master :)

  2. The fourth article is pretty cool about making Pocket God go on different devices.

  3. Visit my pocket god help website.

    Become a follower. Write comments. Out of all your comments I will post your ideas so everyone can see it.

  4. Hello!

    So, who's checked out the BRAND NEW! P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S. blog? Well I'm a member and if you love pocketgod, you'll love us! We have everything you'll need, links, pics, updates, info, reviews, update idea filter (for those with creative minds!), and much more! It we be on honor if we were mentioned, we started yesturday, but it seems like we've been together longer than Bolt creative! Well thanks! I'll put a link in to the site:

    P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S. rule!

  5. Hey guys, I had this idea where you put a pygmie in the outhouse, and the make it night. You hear a scream from inside the outhouse, the you get to look in side and there are those monsters from The Creeps! attacking him. Then you use driftwood, coconuts, and pebbles to defeat the monsters before they reach the toliet. I thought that it was good because they did something to help your sales so you should help there sales just like you did for Doodle Jump or Harbour Master! Plus, it would really help PG's sales to have another addicting game added on.

  6. S check out the pocketgods they are awsome I wish I was an offical pocketgods person but check them out guys!

  7. hey bolt creative can you mention my blog for pocket god help? I am making polls and other things to see what people want next on the pocket god website. I will email u the poll and the results.

  8. lol ive been number 28 on here forever and never commented!

    great articles....really makes you appreciate the hard work going into the app!

    good job!

    Toucharcade and Pocket god Forums

  9. Hey Molebobby, long time no log in I see. Ha ha!!! :) Now down to business. Your idea is good and sounds entertaining, but sooner or later people are going to get tired of mini-games and want more godly powers. I think it would be good as long as there is no gore when you attack the monsters or they attack the pygmies. :)

  10. did you look at this blog?
    its really cool. please check it out! weve been working three days and already have a lot of posts, over 200 hits, and a four and a half star rating! please check it out? and possible talk about it like you did ths blog...
    i get the feeling you arent listening....

  11. I just started a blog for Pocket god ideas! maybe for pocketgod 2... who knows? I will also post when updates are out and also links to other websites!

  12. i have some update ideas. how 'bout a city island, or a desert island, or even a futuristic island (use your imagination to come up with things on the island).

  13. Why won't you just feature are blog? We've worked so hard at being featured here and you're ignoring us!!! I'm starting to get pissed off. Please just talk about us! We have over 400 hits, we've got over 11 followers and a sick layout!! PLEASE!!!

  14. hey POCKETGODS! that's awesome....sorry if I haven't done a blog entry...everyone's got to remember I'm doing game art, icons, marketing art as well as this Dave sends me links all the time that I have trouble getting to. I was really sidetracked this weekend. I had to comb through a ton of contest email plus i was away all day yesterday. I'll check it out today! thanks for all your support.