Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Just want to tell everyone to have a safe and great halloween. Anyone dressing as Pygmies? Be sure to take a pic!

Oh, and a reminder to get the Halloween Skin Pack! Here are screenshots that show you how it customizes the islands...(click on the image to see it larger).

The volcano becomes a bit more threatening than before. Not to mention, the meteor is just creepy now!

The Skele-dodo captures the Skele-fish!

There's something you don't see every day!

The underwater statue gets kinda freaky.

Hmmmm. The graveyard is already kind of there, but we threw in some pumpkins!

The image above was an entry for the Twitter Picture contest from PocketGodPwns (feel free to comment your actual name to get credit!) and got close to the final 3!


  1. Hey Dave and Allan, I made a Pocket God site and I want to know if you can post my site's URL, its I need some help getting members and the next nine people get writer privalages, Thanks alot for the great app, I've been following you guys in Pocket God since it came out!

    Thanks you for any help you give me and my staff at the site!
    P.S. Thanks even if yo don't post my site, I'm working on an image with a link!

  2. A Pygmy... why didn't I think of that? XD
    I'll be lurking at my window, watching for any PG fans. >:]

  3. in my opinion this halloween skin pack is totally the best one (so far)

  4. You mentioned before that the next trilogy of updates will be a new island. Obviously that will be after halloween, but are you going update the halloween pack for that island too, like add pumpkins if you have the pack, or will that island just not have any halloween?

  5. its my birthday today!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How do you get rid of the Pygmy ghosts? I'm trying to defeat the barking spider but he keeps killing my Pygmys and I can't have new ones spawn after 6 ghosts are there.


  7. hey bolt i got 10 spear throws to kill the spider but i was out of wifi zone and now it won't give me the achievment.