Thursday, October 8, 2009

iLounge Developer of the Year

We're on the nomination list for Developer of the year at iLounge! Its a site that focuses on everything iPhone and iPod. Click the graphic above, and find us on #3 of the survey, and vote for us!


  1. I voted. I also bought the t-rex skin pack. I can't let Pocket God die now can I? :)

  2. Update idea using peer to peer gaming do a 1-2 player battle with zombies/ghosts vs vampire please consider my idea thank you

  3. stuart, good idea but how about just 2 people can play pocket god together just like co-op. Or, a cloud jump competition. Both players start doodle jump and who ever survives or gets the highest wins. Please consider both our ideas. P.S. I voted...

  4. Pocket god is off the top 25 in the app store in the US!!! But it is #2 in the Entertainment section of the app store.

  5. I saw above an awsome idea.... peer to peer gaming zombie VS vaimpire VS ghost!!! I am a develeper 13 years old and server connect is hard, so just sell the battle thing as a pack for 99 cents so you have a motive :)

  6. Do a bluetooth buddy challenge would be good, now that your on 3.0
    also i hope ur adding a werewolf cause it would a great addition for the graveyard also make the islanders react to the vampire/zombies and give them weapons to defend themselfs like what u did with the t rex plz consider my ideas

  7. I have a 1st gen iphone and can't seem to download the new trex skins.
    I keep receiving the following error "this is not a test user account-Please create a sandbox environment" not sure what i'm doing wrong.
    I entered my itunes account password to purchase and still nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  8. Hey Bolt Creative, you guys want another revenue stream here's an idea.

    I am a massive collector of video game music (nearly 1,500 cd's) and I love the music in Pocket God and I would love to get it to listen to on my iPhone & iPod. Any chance you guys can cull all of the music and sound effects for Pocket God into an album and sell it? I'd buy it for sure and I'm sure others would as well!

    Keep up the great work!

  9. i voted for u guys on
    #3 and #4, love the skin pack lol a Mexican pygmy dinosaur

  10. i was wondering if you could maybe make a lite version of pocket god so people that cant buy paid games can buy the free version

    please reply and tell me if this would be a good idea.


  11. hey Dave here are all the glitches I found! I also will post it on TA to make sure you read them. And I will find glitches with every update!

    1. Make the ghost terrify the pygmy. When the pygmy falls to the ground you can keep making the ghost do something to the pygmy.

    2. Turn on the logs in the menu. Then keep switching between Egg Island and T-Rex Island, the logs will be floating in the sky.

    3. Go to Egg Island. Flick the pygmy right toward the volcano. Right before he gets into the volcano quickly switch to the Graveyard. Do it twice more and it will start erupting on Graveyard Island.

    4. Go to Egg Island and turn on the meteor. Put it on top of a pygmy so the pygmy is crushed. Then tap the statue and all the pygmies will explode except for the pygmy under the meteor.

    5. Crack the egg twice on T-Rex Island. Then right when you crack it the third time then go in the menu and turn off the T-Rex. The dinosaur in the egg will call his “mom” but his mom doesn’t come.

    6. Start Ooga Jump. Then go in the menu and keep turning the thunderstorm on and off. Your pygmy will keep falling forever.

    7. Go to Graveyard Island. Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch sideways. Go underwater and add all 6 pygmies. Keep it sideways and come back on top of the water. The pygmies can’t fall off the left side of the Graveyard Island.

    8. Drag your pygmy as high as you can in the sky. Then throw your pygmy as hard as you can into the sky and he won’t come down. The screen will automatically go back down considering that the pygmy is “dead”.

    9. Go to Graveyard Island and add 2 pygmies. Put 1 in the grave. When he comes out as a zombie, right when he eats the other pygmies brain, quickly turn your device sideways (with gravity on) so the zombies will slide off the island. When the ghosts come make them go toward the side of the screen. They will get stuck.

  12. how about if the creature forms of pygmies (aka ghost, zombie, vampire) had special reactions with eachother? plus, it seems ghost beats vampire (ghost actions work), zombie beats ghost (ghost actions dont work), and zombie beats vampire (zombie bites vampire)
    maybe make them special?