Saturday, October 3, 2009

Twitter Yer Picture Contest Winners!

Oh boy, contests are rough for me. There were so many really great entries, Dave and I went through the list of almost 500 pictures and whittled down our favorites. The we came up with our individual top 20 separately, but picked a lot of the same pics. I thought they were all winners. Then Dave and I locked ourselves in a room with no food and water for days and argued over what would be the top 3! Okay, not really. We sent emails back and forth until we came to an agreement and here's the 3 we chose...


FernyThe Bomb made a great Oog Island (out of clay? ceramics?) and then took his picture the mirror....which we found an interesting way to take the shot. Plus there is something about the green coloring that makes it seem extra artistic. Notice he has a zombie and a pygmy drowning and everything!


Dylan_Johnson did what a LOT of people did and dressed as a pygmy with a faux-island background. Yes tons of people did something similar but there is something about his huge smile and energy that won us over. Plus he nailed the hair.


Malcom Judd is one of the people that sent in TONS of entries (Remember the rules, as many times as you want), so it was sheer numbers on his side! Actually he had a lot of really great shots and ended up with 3 in Dave and my top 20's. But we really like this shot, looks like some sort of school lineup with some very serious kids. Something about our goofy app among all those serious faces really amused us!

I'd like to list the honorable mentions but that would risk confusion! We are going to take the collection of amazing pics and put them into our Flickr account for everyone to check out. People often gave us very similar shots from slightly different angles, so we might narrow those down.

Thank you guys for sending in your pics and Congrats to the winners! They each win the latest 64GB iPod Touch! Everyone did a great job!


  1. Congrats everyone! Those entries were amazing! You all totally deserve the prize! Awesome job!

  2. Well, congrats to the winners! They wouldn't be my choice from what I saw lately on twitter searching for Pocket God, but yes, they are cool and very unique! (I myself really liked how this guy e.g. dedicated a whole twitpic account to PocketGod ;)

  3. I can see the middle one winning but the top and bottom I dont really understand, I do like the top one but i think he could of had someone hold the camera for him and the bottom one is just him with 5 other people but congratulations to all of you

  4. Congrats winners!!!!! You deserve it for trying.

    PS: I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to risk getting my computer slowed down with the 3.0 upgrade for Pocket God, but it is Pocket God so it is all worth it. :)

    Puppy Lover #1

  5. congrats to everyone, where can we view the pics and will the top 20 be seperated from the rest?

  6. As i mentioned on Twitter, I agree with the First and Second Choices, they really did a great job and effort of winning the iTouches, but the Third well, i think another person should have deserved it,(I was hoping that you guys didnt take pity on the person just by sheer numbers of pictures). But this is just my personal view, Congratulations to the three who won the new iTouch. Enjoy your new toy. :)

  7. Now how do you get it to my house? XD

    BTW: Its Dylan_Johnson

  8. lol that secound one is pretty wild!

  9. Is there a website we can go to to see all of the pictures that were submited?

  10. oh yeah! i didnt think THAT picture was going to win. i thought it was my iPod dressed as a Pygmy.

    what did you guys mean by direct message on twitter?


  11. bademeisterk90 you? He actually did have two (the sketch one, and the midair-pole swing) in my original top list and at least one in my top 20.

    skiraceking81 - the problem with judging something is that you KNOW other people will not understand your choice and would have picked 3 completely different selections. Malcom's stood out to us not for the obvious reasons Dylan's or Ferny's did. To us it was more of a subtle humor, and visually interesting.. this was probably accidental but worked for us anyway .It made us curious about what these super serious people were doing and thinking...juxtaposed with our goofy app. More "real life" than funny. Like in movies or tv shows, creativity comes in different forms.

    Shane Zua it wasn't sheer numbers, others sent just as many pictures. And it wasn't easy. If you saw my list of pics, they all were awesome and people put in a ton of effort, we just couldn't choose them all.

    Ferny, Dylan and Malcom, we'll be contacting you this week to get you the iPods!

  12. this is just a small question, but besides memory, is there any difference between the new touches and old ones?

  13. you should add a skin where you can use one of you own pictures as a skin and also u should make VAMPIRES or WAREWOLVES

  14. Really great to see that twitter is arranging a picture contest. The platform matters most when the cause of these sort of competition comes into consideration.