Tuesday, May 26, 2009

148 Apps Reviews PG

Kevin Stout of 148 Apps explains the current version of Pocket God, and what he likes about it!
"Listen…you simply can’t own an iPhone without Pocket God. Even if you’re the weirdest person alive and hate the game, show your friends and you’ll be a god of humor."
He talks about his favorite features discusses our baby steps to game play.

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Thanks Kevin!


  1. Hey, could I get the Return of the Pygmy Icon in the 226px × 226px size hte ones on the side are? And if it's out by then, the Surfs Up icon?

  2. here are some update ideas leading from one to another with rough names what do you think please respond...:)

    1. Introduce fire kinda like the way you introduce "give us 5 minutes".
    You would have the game start like huricane night when lighting comes down from clouds and lights some leaves fallen from one of the trees.(each island) That would start fire and oogs would sit bye it and realaxe
    (or what ever.)NAME: "the big storm"

    2. After fire you would intro duce a new update having to do with cooking.
    ( this one the people would have to know what to do.)When you have pygmes fish you start a fire(by leading lightning to leaves)
    and drop the fish in the fire. You hear. a sisling sound and boom FISH STICKS!!! lol
    NAME:"tired of raw fish"

    3. This one would use the fire idea to burn up the island. YOu would erumpt the volcanoe and fire would start on the leaves than move up tree then ingulf ilanders. Along with island.

    Please, Alan,Dave. and bolt respond!!!!!!!

    What do you think ohh. and please give credit where credit is due!!

  3. I really like what u guys r doing with pocket god and you should make a pocket god lite just for fun to see where it goes

  4. Woow!! that was a super review really good!!!!
    Pocket God rocks!!!!
    sorry, because the curiosity, I am really excited for the next update!!!!, I want to know which they will you realese it for apple, to approve it, or tell us something more about the next update!!!!! please!!!!!

  5. whats coming on the next update? =O

  6. hey...i've been waiting for Dave's Touch Arcade Post..but if you read this, yes we've submitted Surf's Up....and I think its safe to say it has a few interesting surprises!

    Emacdude...we've been talking about doing a lite version forever...but it would require setting aside the time...now it'll be rough because we are not only working on pocket god updates but a new project.

    agk...we've also been thinking about adding a bonfire as well! it really looks funny in SaintsAlive animation.

    PocketGod...posting at the side right now

  7. It's cool that you bolt creative guys are working at making pocket god awsome I appreacate the hard work

  8. Where is the easter egg?! PLEASE respond.

  9. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SURFS UP!!! Hopefully my Oog's don't get washed ;) away!hahaha

  10. Make an update of when an Oog dies, and comes back to life as a zombie!
    That would be really cool and I think lots of fans would like it too!
    Name: Dawn of the Oogs (just a suggestion!!)
    And also...

  11. EAster egg is when you touch statue dimond it kills all oggs on island.

  12. mevermind about my last post my feint just fixed itself today. it seems to have reset some of my stats on the leaderboard but its worth it to have the feint back