Sunday, May 17, 2009

More PG on Little Big Planet

Hey...i guess we missed this other level on Little Big Planet. So awesome! thanks, JMH1 (James). you rock!

P.S. Lots of questions when Return of the Pygmy is coming out....I am hopeful it will be approved by Friday. But its hard to guarantee!


  1. I've already put this idea in a previous post, but i guess i'll never get a response unless i keep trying.
    If you made a small bird about the size of the coconut, and had him flying over the island. If you tap him, he'll poop (try and aim for an islander for an achievement or something) and during storms if you hit it with lightning, it's cooked like a turkey and the pygmies eat it. Also if you drag the bird down onto a pygmie, it'll peck at them and chase them off the island into the water.

    Also, as a favor to me, and because its kinda funny, can you make the t-rex dance with the oogs?

    i know i'm asking for a lot, but please consider this. Or at least respond!