Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun Animation by Easytostart and a quick response to common concerns

This is one way to present your suggestions! Really creative with a river boat no-less! Thanks for the awesome work Easytostart! and interesting youtube name!

About some of the comments, which I will try to go through and address. A big one is that we went back to 2.2.1 and some people can't get the latest update. Dave just sighed and said he would try to go back, but folks! This kind of thinking will keep the programmers in the dark ages. The firmware updates give programmers new and better tools to use and makes them happy. i would like to encourage you all to update when you can. We know 3.0 is gonna cost, so we are definitely NOT doing that right away....we're hoping it will eventually be free for ipod users.

A reminder: The god-stats is NOT saving. :( our bad. We spent a bunch of time optimizing the animation engine and it slipped through the cracks.

Another reminder: if you had problems with crashing at "A New Home" or lagging at "The T-Rex Strikes Back"....try the latest, we've addressed both issues big time.

Also, I feel the frustration of some people who are presenting really awesome ideas but I haven't gotten to them! Forgive me! Keeping up with this is really a challenge..especially when I'm in the middle of designing the latest update.

One last note: i held off on approving the easter egg spoilers but probably tomorrow, i'll blanketly approve them. just wanted to give the people following the blog a chance to find it first!


  1. It's in the tornado isn't it

  2. surfs up is the new update huh? awesome!:D
    the new update is gliching in the startup:P
    it loads as normal, and when the game starts, only the music is there and the screen is black. after a while the game begins. i suspect the blackout lasts as long as it takes for the episode name to go away.

  3. Nice little animation, I love Return Of The Pygmy, it's a great update and surprise, surprise... I haven't had any problems with it. I've noticed the changes in the animation, it definetely runs a lot more smoothely now. I know you guys probably get about a million update suggestions every day but just hear me out on this one ( that's probably what everyode else says as well!) can you please put Seasons into the next Pocket God update? You know how you scroll your finger across the screen to change the weather? Well maybe if you kept scrolling , different seasons could show up! For example, say you swiped your finger across the screen while stormy weather was turned on, well maybe snow could start falling and if you kept scrolling, spring, summer and autumn could be accessed. Each season could have it's own activities. Like autumn for example, the Oogs could make piles of leaves and jump in them and the trees on both of the islands could lose their leaves!

    Please consider it as a future update:) POCKET GOD ROCKS

  4. I don't really find a problem with 2.2.1. takes 10 min, just plug it into your mac and BAM! update.
    P.S. can't wait to se what you have for surfs up

  5. wait, does this mean iphone OS 3.0 has come out already? i dont see it anywhere =(

  6. Hey guys, in a while from now are the updates going to cost?

  7. 3.0 isn't out..but people are concerned about it because it will cost 9.99 for ipod touch users...which basically means we aren't going to do it for pocket god until 3.0 is free for everyone. Jacob...we have no plans to charge for updates. Eventually we will create a Pocket God II...but it will be a different type of app/game...and won't take over Pocket God I...if that makes sense? you mean the easter egg? its not in the tornado. I just approved all the spoiler comments from the last post...if you want to be spoiled :)

    Joakim...yeah....the startup has actually been having trouble for a while and I'm not sure why we are having such difficulty ironing it out. Depending on how someone's ipod/iphone is running it gets hung up on certain processes which causes some weirdness. thanks for letting us know.

  8. I know wat the easter egg is and yes they do love to die for loving pocket god.

    I hve had problms with the toilt hut before the latest update you knocked twice and heard the knock and on th third they came out now you constantly knock and nothing happens and then every1 explodes unless you shake the ipod and they get distracted

  9. Love the update.

    also, to Allan, i sent you a reply email bout sprites. Dunno if you saw it, :)

  10. how is the new death a Easter egg I don't know any thing about computers

  11. Um about the iPhone 3.0 OS that's coming out, does that mean that if I update my iphone to the 3.0 software, then pocket god will no longer work on it?

  12. Hey bolt creative, its weird but the god stats is saving for me!

  13. Um, you said you were addressing bugs, and I found what I think is a fairly big one. Get out the Return of the Pygmy version of Pocket God. Turn on the gravity. Tilt the screen just enough to make them start balancing on one leg, and wait. The animation FREEZES there, and they become immune to (among other things) the T-Rex attack. Just thought you should know. Also, as far as I know, this happens every time, so I think it's just a missed loop command or something. I've done some coding, so I think I get it fairly well.

    Oh, and SWEET AWESOME GAME!!!!

  14.! thanks for point that out! Actually, we weren't quite addressing glitches as much as we were addressing slow-down and application crashing....this required reprogramming which had the potential for introducing newer and even weirder glitches! Its so funny...sometimes we remove a glitch to make people happy, and then someone says "you removed my glitch!" haha. We're on it.

    And Codi...i think that WHEN 3.0 comes out (and it hasn't) earlier apps SHOULD work on it. We're staying with 2.2 (or 2.2.1 possibly) for a while. but it would be rediculous for 3.0 to not be backward compatible so I am assuming that everything will be fine. famous last words.

    EmacDude...the term Easter Egg is supposed to be a feature to a game or program that isn't really publicized and then people come across it by accident. therefore its a misnomer because we let everyone know there's something to find. Maybe we should call it a "surprise feature" ? several places in earlier comments about the last update you can find what everyone is calling the "easter egg".


  15. so an Easter egg is that crap you find in a game stratgie guide

  16. An Idea

    Several (4) lightning strikes to the statue animate it and it goes on a rampage kill all the natives except one. The statue falls in love with the last native and they get married while all the now ghost natives celebrate and throw rice.

    Ok thats several ideas but very episodical

    Fantastic app, my iphone is stollen more often because of this app then anything else. I and my friends love it.


  17. my friends app store says pocket god is up to date but he only has trex strikes back what's wrong with it?

  18. me too, im having a problem for the new version (probably since its 2.2.1 now) =(
    is there a way for me to update it ?

    btw, i have an idea for future update
    ghost pygmy would be awesome, and maybe they could get different colors depends on how they die (like red/pink for who dies by volcano, blue for drawning, or white cause lightning)

  19. Just a reminder, All submissions to the app store, wether updates or not, MUST be 3.0 compatable. So if you guys are holding out on making it compatable, then it won't be approved.

  20. Sam b has good ideas! listen to them!

  21. i have 3.0 beta 4 (yes i know there is a beta 5 but i dont wanna restore my touch again) and pocket god is working for it i didnt get any crashs for the new home on 3.0 so you dont need to make adjustments its perfect already

    you know you love pocket god!


  22. hey how am i able to become like a beta tester person majigy?
    is it possible?
    yes? no?

    i think i would enjoy that

  23. ever time i try to change my gods name or description it stays the same but the picture changes just not the description or name whats wrong?