Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Erictric interviews Dave

Dave talks about Pocket God (what else?) and recalls the its beginning and then contemplates its future.

>> Read the Interview Here <<


  1. pocket god is going to go very far with the updates going on every week, and if you guys where to stop updating every week... well popularity might drop a bit... either way POCKET GOD ROCKS!!!

    Can't wait for update... hurry apple!! (_ _)

  2. Tell him to focus on updates please, making updates every two weeks just upsets people and you should work on the bugs after you submit the update. Also you guys are awesome i hope i can learn to be like you. Taking college class over java! Keep up the great work!


  3. OMG every second of my life i am thinking about pocket god and when it will come out it has to be my favorite game on my iphone
    i cant wait for the new update p.s where did you learn to code and all the stuff that you did to make this game?

  4. I love the fact that the faces were inspired by nibbler. I was wondering why I liked the faces so much but I couldn't figure out what they reminded me of. ^_^

  5. I think if the update doesn´t comes out today i want my money back.
    The last update sucks if the next is as bad as it seems (T-Rex looks like a 5 year old has drawn it) pocket god will leave the top100.
    How about the features all people are asking for? Bigger island, buildings and more than 6 islanders?