Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Comix

Fan art and comics continued!

By A.J. Winter

By SaintsAlive

By ???

By MB1229

By Combzz

I still have a backlog, so if you haven't seen yours, I'll get to it. I'll mention when I'm out!


  1. Sounds great, any leads on when they'll put return of the pygmy on itunes?

  2. Wow, they look so good, I think the space one is on to something. By the way Bolt Creative, I sent you a picture (email) to check when you get the chance.

  3. By backlog he means, he hasn't read all the submissions.

    Allan, I 9Shocked) sent you an email. It's not a comic, and I was hoping you could answer it.

  4. Awsome those r hilarious comics btw again that space place is cool island and that ice island from b4

  5. I sent an email too... and it included a pretty cool logo i made. *sigh* at least you care enough to tell us that you are working on it!

  6. Dear Pocket God,

    I have the 16 gig touch and have your app but when i went 2 the app store, i saw a whole other pocket god app that i tried to download, it said i didn't have the proper software. any suggestions? I feel kinda ripped off.... :(