Monday, May 25, 2009

SaintsAlive, Pocket God and teh Marshmallow Song

Not sure where SaintsAlive (Liam) lives, but someone should check the metal levels in the water there! Just kidding :) This is so awesome. Thanks SaintsAlive! (...Can you please comment with the lyrics?)

P.S. I noticed SaintsAlive tried embed this image of his original cartoon:


  1. Thx!

    here are the lyrics:

    Oh I'm singing meh marshmallow song
    Roastin' meh marshmallow all day long
    Meh messed up marshmallow looks all wrong
    I'm singin teh happy marshmallow song!

    The next part is the names of my pygmies:

    Bip Bop Boop, Kooky Googly Zippy(x3)
    Bip Bop Boop,

  2. oh and btw, Here's the link to the comic it was based on, so you don't think I'm crazy here :p well, since i made the comic I guess I still AM crazy, lol


    btw, can you post the new details for Surf's up? I'd love to hear more about the new update!

  3. Saint, that song is so awesome.

    comon Dave, you know you want to let Saint beta test for being so awesome.

    Is it sad I consider being a PG beta tester a reward? i don't think so...

    You should also post the original comic for this song, Dave

  4. great job saintsalive it be hilarious. keep up the cool vids and cartoons.

  5. here are some update ideas leading from one to another with rough names what do you think please respond...:)

    1. Introduce fire kinda like the way you introduce "give us 5 minutes".
    You would have the game start like huricane night when lighting comes down from clouds and lights some leaves fallen from one of the trees.(each island) That would start fire and oogs would sit bye it and realaxe
    (or what ever.)NAME: "the big storm"

    2. After fire you would intro duce a new update having to do with cooking.
    ( this one the people would have to know what to do.)When you have pygmes fish you start a fire(by leading lightning to leaves)
    and drop the fish in the fire. You hear. a sisling sound and boom FISH STICKS!!! lol
    NAME:"tired of raw fish"

    3. This one would use the fire idea to burn up the island. YOu would erumpt the volcanoe and fire would start on the leaves than move up tree then ingulf ilanders. Along with island.

    Please, Alan,Dave. and bolt respond!!!!!!!

    What do you think ohh. and please give credit where credit is due!!

  6. Did u guys submit surfs up?

  7. to bolt creative:
    im having a problem with feint
    whenever i enter feint it loads for about a minute then comes up with some error message
    my internet is fine and safari works so the problem must be with feint
    please fix this because i really liked the leaderboards

  8. lol, I don't live in the UK... I live in the US.

  9. Hey I think that just because i laughed every time i watched this, (10 times). There should be a marshmellow update soon in his honor. SINGING MEH MARSHMELLO SONG!

  10. Make Pocket God for the APP store on blackberries,but just the blackberry storm because it will be easier for you guys i dont care if it costed 1000 dollars i would buy it

  11. wow I had no idea my vid would get this popular :O thx guys!