Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mini-update and Fan Art Series

So, yes. In case you didn't already know. We're delaying our update to make some more optimizations to our game engine. The game engine needs some attention. Some people...especially ones with older iphones and ipods are experiencing lag. And Return of the Pygmy just made it worse....a lot worse. So we made a hard decision to stop and optimize. Of course people are going to notice it coinciding with a sinkage in the charts. But folks, it was bound to happen. Obviously, we want to stay top 25. but nearly 3 months in the top ten was an awesome feat! I mean, Pocket God has financed the rest of our year to continue iphone game development!

We have a bunch more updates in us, so the goal will to be get them in before sales completely go away and we go full force on our next project, which, of course we are already getting excited about, but i'm not tellin' what it is.

So, while Dave has his nose to the optimization grindstone...I (Allan) am working on graphics for future updates...the next one being based on the volume of fan requests. But to keep the blog alive I think I will catchup on all the fan art that was sent. I am WAY behind so instead of posting them all at once, i think I will release them in spurts. And by the way, if you are inspired by any of the art/cartoons... and want to make your own...send 'em to

by Palfince

by Paul Kolvenbach and Marcus Venghaus

by King of the Penguins

Whoops. it just came to my attention that the top graphic was NOT by Saintsalive...take credit in the comments if you see this :)


  1. Another week + for the update... FUCK

  2. I second Weston's comment.

    And will you guys ever make a Pocket God 2 in the future, even if it will be after your next few projects? or are you abandoning it after the sales die down?

  3. RS - we have two future projects....Pocket God II is one of them....the other is a secret. We have a plan but we are still deciding on our best approach. don't worry. We have sold way too many to not sequelize it! We have an awesome idea for it too....but again, still in the beginning stages.

    Westin...really sorry, but hopefully the smoother animation will justify the wait!

  4. Hey bolt plse plse plse respond to this I thougt of 2 awsome thing as ideas I just want to c what u think anyways... There sorta like new islands if u want any 1st u should make volcano in back and island and instead of water on side flowing lava next if u poke volcano 3 times a pheonix comes out and starts 2 attack like the t Rex does next I saw tis in one of those pics some1 posted that ice place is awsome island 2 there u should be able 2 throw oogs In water and they freeze then sink. U should also but a polar bear bear eats them plse respond bolt plse?!?!

  5. i cant see why you would stop updating pocket god altogether, when you go off the top 25 you will still be selling, and when they buy the app they buy into a great community that supports pocket god aswell, if you bring out other apps will you still update pocket god maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks, cause that would be good,

    and that ice island looks really cool, would be good to see that implemented, and make it so the oogs fish out of the hole

    pocket god rules keep it up

  6. I understand that you need to do this and I am okay with waiting. I myself have never had any problems with the app so I can't really relate lol. Pocket God is really special and I am glad you care about having it work correctly on as many iPhones/Touches as you can.

  7. Im glad you arent giving up the pocketgod idea, and i wouldnt mind paying for more pocketgod. An ice world would be good for pocketgod II and maybe a jungle. The monkeys in the tree idea sounds cool

  8. @Bolt Creative: Is Pocket God II already in develop? I hope so I can buy Pocket God again! (If it will be a separate app) I hope it will.. so I have 2 Pocket God's on my iPod Touch 2G.


  9. Guys just take your time to make this app even more freaking awesome! btw that first picture is awesome! the PYGMIES...ahum...oogs on an iceland :P

  10. Hey, it's saintsalive, and I wanted to bring to your attention that the one at the top is NOT by me. It's by someone else. Sorry, and I am not claiming it as my own!!!

  11. whoops. yes, i grabbed most of these off of Touch Arcade and it gets a little confusing who did what.

    Benito...PG II so far is in the "brainstorming" phase...nothing solidified.

  12. and the second is not only by me it is also by Paul Kolvenbach, and its Marcus Venghaus^^

  13. @BoltCreative
    If you are going to make PGII, what things would you be planning on doing to make it different than the first? Or else( as you probably knew) the sales wouldn't be as amazing. An idea: Have a contest on here or Facebook or somewhere, where you have fans vote on the most popular ideas for islands /oogs/powers.
    You guys are geniuses and I'msure you can find a way to incorperate all of those ideas.
    P.S. I know lots of people have asked, but how could I become a Beta Tester? And if so, I would like to be one for one of the new apps.
    Good Luck with your ideas!

  14. It's me again btw..u should really be able 2 drop a nuke on em it'll be awsome!

  15. hey guys, i have a couple of things to say:
    first of all thanks for making pocket god and for updating once a week.
    second i think starting a new app will be awesome especialy PG II! and whatever the ''suprize'' project is, i will definately buy those. even thought you will abandon pocket god. :(.
    finally my thought is even though you may go off the top 25 list doesn't meen your not going to get any more sales! but if you feel that way about it i guess thats up to you.

    Thanks for the fun and good luck on future projects!!

  16. so when is return of the pygmy coming out? Next week? Just asking

  17. just wondering, how many employees does bolt creative hire and where do you guys work?

  18. I think that every living thing on the island could become a zombie, turning new islanders into zombies, kinda like the vampire, just it does not kill them, it makes them into another zombie, who can explode in zombie goo whenever you tap them

  19. Hey, when can we expect the new update to be done??!! Can't wait for the new update 'n could u guys at least post some pictures of the new update

  20. squidward is at the bottom of the second one!

  21. Hi, For PocketGod II why don't you gowith an alien planet theme with like little green men and there could bestuff like if you tap another planet a meteorite comes from it and crashes into the alien place
    I have never had any probs with PG so don't really give a damn about optimizations especially as it delays the bigger update!!!
    To keep us going can you give us some sneak peaks of return of the Pygmy ?????????????

  22. i love this app, but one of the best things about it is the excitement of recieving an update. but i wouldn't be surprised if your sales plummeted. i cant remember the last time you guys actually had an update that was within a week of the last update...

  23. Bolt creative, me & my friend Steve had a great idea.

    What if you held an Oog so high, its head blew from pressure change?
    Or maybe a pirate ship could come, and the Oogs would have to fight them off?

    You still looking for a back story?

    I might have a genesis.

    In the tribe of the great Oogs, all the members of the tribe know the tale of their Overlord, the Great Ooga himself, who is a mighty warrior. Together with his pet Quadrupus, he pulled boiling lava from the ocean floor and formed and island. The Great Ooga proceded to create vegitaion, as he was
    a great magician. Though he had a nice island with life, he felt something missing. His pet Quadrupus found the awnser. Taking molten lava, Quad formed a figure and cooled it to stone in the ocean. Upon seeing this figure, Ooga crack a coconut on its head, spilling the milk over the figure. He immedetly sprug to life. The new creature could not look upon Ooga, for Ooga glowed brighter than 10 suns. The creature instaed looked upon Quad, and created a stone carving in good likeness. The Great Ooga then cleared all dangers out of the area of the new culture, who now call themselves the Oogs. The Oogs enjoyed a happy life, till much latter, all the threats started to return, one by one..........

    Will the Great Ooga assist his worshipers, or will torment them?

    That is up to you.

    Join the tribe. Join the legend.

    Pocket God.

    Wow.. Did I just write a comercial?


  24. hey, since you guys have a connection to touch arcade, i dont know why touch arcade wont load it always says: error establishing a connection...

    is it for the whole site or is it just my computer having problems?

  25. hey, King Of The Penguins here, Thats sooooo cool!!! did you guys just find it or did someone send it in??

  26. @boltcreative, thanks for responding to me =D after a long day it means a lot, and i can't wait for PG2! (even if it will be out in a year or two) and your other projects too =D Oh yeah, and did you ever find out what went wrong with the most recent submission of "Jackie Button"?

  27. Hey Bolt, when are you posting the Pocket God picture/ad for ROTP? I saw it from both krapps and APPera, and it seems VERY interesting. (plus i'd like a higher rez version if there is one)

  28. Bolt Creative:
    When will the next updates be coming out at the latest? I mean, you said that you will be fixing the animation instead of creating updates, but does that mean you're forsaking Return of the Pygmy? And how long is this fixing taking? A week? A month? Please answer

  29. Hey R`S I can make a high res version. I was holding it back so sites would get the scoop first. I can export it to whatever. I designed it for 11x17 but its vector so it can be huge And the other project we are conceiving, just so everyone knows, will be an actual GAME...but we've learned so much from Pocket God as far as what people really will be very cool to start over with all that information in mind.

    Steve (or King)...i saw it a few days ago on Touch Arcade. I laughed my butt off when is saw the pygmy cooking the dino egg. I am holding on to the other one you did and the other guys comics for future posts.

    Brysen..your story is really epic. i hope you are taking writing seriously. thanks for the ideas!

  30. Sami...we are not forsaking updates! the reason we stopped to fix the engine was because the updates were causing slow downs. the objective is to be able to add more!

    Its ALMOST there. i just sent dave two tiny fixes. hopefully he'll submit soon ( after some beta tester feedback also i'm sure)... but i'll be looking forward to reports of much less lag when it does go through. Of course I've just been creating graphics for the update after...which I'm worried will cause slow-down because they are kind of intense...but there is still more optimizations to be made, so I think it wil be ok.

    Thanks so much for your patience.

  31. I'd like to in advance ask to be a beta tester for pocket god 2:):):):):):):)

  32. @Jordan I asked them that a while ago too =D

    but i don't think they ever read my email... =[