Friday, May 29, 2009

EasyToStart strikes again

This is the second piece we've come across (the first was the b/w animation with the riverboat)....I'm guessing Easy really wants two things in an update...a boat, and a sea monster! I admit, I couldn't quite figure out how to play the game but it sure looks neat.

>> Check out this cool flash fame <<


  1. wasn't a game:P just an animation:P
    anyways.. got any information from apple about when the update is coming?

  2. try using the left side of the lightning to shock the most left pygmy standing on the boat :p

  3. I think the idea of a ship for the islanders isn't that good. It is too soon. I do like the idea of a giant octopus or squid or something attacking the islanders. That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!! I made the coolest post on my blog describing Pocket God. Please check it out you guys!!!! It tells you ALMOST everything that you can do to your islanders. If you look, you will make me and my puppy very happy. :) I also want to know if you are considering my idea of alien abduction for Pocket God. It is the perfect time to add this kind of thing to Pocket God. Please comment on your blog, my blog, or post a little response. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!

  4. I think you have to click the fires to put them out.
    YOu know,just because something is a tribute or a reference to your game,doesn't mean you have it...

  5. could you answer a question I have?
    at twitter, dave has another picture of the new update art thingy than the one posted here! and the other one is much more cool

  6. I always wonder how the Pygmies found there way to a new island. So I figure they made a made a boat. Having Pygmies on a boat seem boring, so I thought sea monster would be kinda cool to have.

    Once I found out about the mini games in pocket god. I decide to make one. I thought the game was self explanatory: Your goal of the game is to click on the fire to put it out. You have a total of 5 lives indicated by how many Pygmies left on the boat.

  7. That was a kind of wierd animation game whatever thingamabober. anyway one of the pygmies on the boat just disappeared out of nowhere he was standing right next to the flaming sail

    Hey Bolt check out me blog it says youre welcome to it! ........ Or you you could do something more important doesnt matter to me

  8. Woooo got 328!! have no idea if thats any good tho..... any way was really good and fun!

    btw guys!!! get a PG t-shirt, there sweeet! :D