Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dave Reports in: Surf's Up!

Yes, yes it was submitted. Dave's posts his recap on Touch Arcade, discussing the latest update and other interesting decision on our part....out of overwhelming demand, we are abandoning the term "Oogs" and sticking with the preferred term "Pygmies". After some research, we discovered that the term Pygmies is not necessarily referring to a tribe in Africa. Nobody goes around saying "I'm a Pygmy"....but rather its just a generic term for a "short person". Thanks to everyone for trying to adopt the term, but it turns out it just wasn't that well received. We are, however, sticking with the name "Island of Oog" as a tribute to the temporary name change!

>> Read Dave's State of the Island on Touch Arcade <<


  1. make pocket god for a block berry storm they have an app store now and i would buy it in a instant

  2. great game but did you change it back to 2.2 or 2.1 firmware??

  3. Y not have like demos of sway and doodle jump as the game loads? It be a great way to advertise an app!

  4. What s.g.p.m said, I want it badly!

  5. Awwww! How niiice!

    I love all my little pygmies on my little Island of Oog. Very fitting, you guys are my new idols!

    Also, I finally convinced one of my friends to buy your app. "I'm gonna hate this!" she said as I gave her the buck she demanded to purchase it. she can't put her iPod down! I guess you really do KNOW you LOVE Pocket God! I know she does, whether she'll admit it to me or not! :D

  6. WHY WONT THE UPDATES SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. great work dave and allen, cant wait for the update i think i will be the best update since "new home". Looks cool but in the title "surfs up" my first guess was that the pygmies would get surfboards and could go out to surf but i guess the tsunami is what is going to happen and thats going to be AWESOME! along with a new area for them to explore. Could you tell us the name of your new game???????? please

  8. can you give us a hint about the next update?

  9. can you give us a sneak peak of the next update

  10. haha, get the rotp icon in my prefered size, BOOM surfs up icon goes live!

  11. Wild idea for a pocket god update:

    In the course of a solar eclipse, lightning is dragged across multiple beings and dark magic combines them into horribly mutated monsters. Fishpygmies, two headed pygmies, sharkbats, antsharks, giant pygmy w extra eyeballs and a fishtail coming out of its shoulder, and so on and so on. let the tree in on the action too. treepygmies with coconut hands.

    work some random in though, maybe break each critter down into components with random placement on a mutant it's included in... you could also give standard animations to some body parts- so a pygmy with a shark mouth and a third eye could still make the facial expressions of a pygmy, etc.

    after the eclipse has passed, the mutants have at each other! (another plus for component body parts, you can get limbs yanked off :P innocently though)

    and include the ability to save some of them mutants for summoning at will at a later time

    So I'm sure that's far to extensive for an update... but it would be great as an offshoot "Pocket God Mutants" or something of the like. You could have a few extra species, and have them more out in the open for ease of combination. Then if someone owns both apps, they can drop their saved mutants into the original pocket god to terrorize the pygmies.

    In fact, you could start it with a simple update where you follow the procedure in the first paragraph but it only works to join two pygmies randomly as 1 of 2 or 3 premade combos. you could possibly follow that update with the fuller side app.

    If you read through this whole thing, you rock. If you use any of the ideas herein, I will kiss your figurative butts forever

  12. Guess that makes my story invalid, huh?

    I could write a new one...

    Will you even need a backstory now?

  13. Hey i just read a post on the app store PG Reviews (by JdotTdot)and wanted to tell you what should be done now that ive been inspired with this outrageously cool idea! ok ...

    make it so you can throw the fish and shark in the volcano 3 times like islanders if you throw 3 fish it rains fish and they slap the islanders and you can have a total amount of fish as islanders on the island ex: i flick 3 fish in and it rains fish you have 4 islanders 4 fish land on the island the others just flop right off and the islanders can eat them.

    Shark: same as fish but they land on islanders heads like when you drop a shark on its head(heatseeking maneater hats AAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHRRR!!!)once again use the amount of islanders you have for how many sharks can be on there and the extras just flop right off!

  14. You should make a lite version for the game that has the first four updates only. It would raise interest in the game you you may be able to get your on million copies.

    P.S. When will you reveal the hidden thing?

  15. Hi Pocket god peeps i was wondering if you could put my game i made on playcrafter it is for pocket god and some reason i thought of making a under water island and i didn't know that was next so i hope you can put it on my username is spideymen42 so look for me please check this comment it means a lot to me!!!

  16. when does the update come out

  17. Hey, i got an idea for a name for an update:D ''what doesn't kill a pygmy, only makes it stronger''

    the name leaves a lot of possibilities for good stuff you could add:D

    also, love the return of the pygmy:D and i'm sorry for my little rage-moment i hade when it came out:P the information given to me about the price of the 2.2.1 was wrong:P
    other than that, i can't wait for the surfs up.. i had totally forgotten there was a one-a-week updating because of all the confusion i had with this trilogy, so i was positivly surprised about my stupidity:P

    till next time, see ya

  18. 1 MILLOIN POCKET GODS SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!