Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PG Forums Interview

Liam and the guys at the PG Forums wanted to ask me (Allan) a few questions and I was happy to oblige. In fact, I think I answered the questions almost TOO thoroughly! But I think some people who are interested in the art-creation side of Pocket God will find it interesting.

>> Click here to read the PG Forum Interview <<

Thanks guys!


  1. Thanks for taking the time for the interview!

  2. Hi Allan!
    It's Skate from the PGF (I guess you could say newest admin if you mean my register-wise).
    Have you ever tried making a Pygmy on GIMP?

  3. Great job saints, and Allan! That was really awesome to read!

    *Spoiler Alert*?
    In the canvas of some of Allan's art, there is a picture of a shark on a red tube... that is not in the game (yet)?
    There is also a T-rex achivement icon!????
    And also a big white square towards the bottom -right part of the picture, maybe Allan is hiding something there :)


  4. Nice interview, I was wondering what is the full name for the program "Flash" that you use, and how much does it cost?

    P.S. what is the process in becoming a beta tester?

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  5. Thanks SO much for featuring us and doing the interview! You ROCK Allan!

  6. @lordofpi:
    Adobe (or MAcromedia, depending on which version you use) Flash. The price range is around $200-300. If you want the whole set (They complete each other. Includes photoshop, premiere, after effects, illustrator, flash, dreamweaver, etc) it's $2000.

    If you want it free, too bad. You'll need to get a clone. LiveSwif is good... not that good though.

  7. I think you should not waste yout time with things like that.
    Where´s the next update?
    When i bought PG in march, you were promissing weekly updates.
    I dont´t care if apple is rejecting your updates or when you say updates become more comlex (when i shit every day on the same turd, will the turd become bigger oder the single shit?).
    When you sold this app to me we made a contract and this contract says "weekly" updates not monthly. So go on or i want my money back.

  8. @Sara
    It takes up to a week for Dave and Allan to design an update. Then apple takes between 7-14 days to review it. Due to there lack of staff and the growing amount of apps. Take it up with apple if your unhappy about the update consistency, don't abuse Dave/Allan about it.

    Learn the facts.