Friday, September 11, 2009

Appstruck Interviews Dave Castelnuovo (and he's a workaholic)

Dave talked to about Pocket God, its current status and what's coming up. In one question, Appstruck asks if we're ever going to introduce more sims-like aspects to Pocket God...
"We actually had ideas like these in our mind since the start, the main issue is play balancing. If you develop a sim or rpg you really need to spend time and make sure the way the game advances is challenging and fun without being too easy or too hard. Since we update Pocket God so quickly we never had a chance to do something like this and give it its proper due. Future Pocket God games may have these types of elements built in from the start. We literally have 10 different stand alone Pocket God game designs waiting for the right moment. Some are RPG or sim style while others are more “arcade-y” and action-based. Just like our updates, we will probably wait until the last minute and then just commit to the idea that best stands out when we are ready to move onto our next project."

He also gives me (Allan) some really nice kudos in kind of a gross way. Check out the article to see what I mean!

>>Read Appstruck's Interview with Dave here!<<

The art above is an idle suggestion by Natasha Raymond!



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  2. Make the Mars update!!! please!!! I am starting to design in the computer but I don´t know a good program to make really good graphics.... Somebody knows one?
    Allan what program do you use for making pocket god?

  3. Preview: Stop My App Is On Fire!

  4. enter here its a great blog

    And btw pocket god rocks!!!

  5. hahahaha you should totally add wedgies lmao thats what the picture is right??

  6. AWESOME look at this joke i made up i spent all night writing it i hope you like it. Allen and Dave are hunting when Dave falls asleep. Allen thinks Dave is dead and franticly dials 911 "My friend just dropped dead! What should I do?"
    A soothing voice at the other end says, "Don't worry, I can help. First, let's ...make sure he's really dead."
    After a brief silence, the operator hears a shot. Then Joe comes back to the phone. "Okay," he says nervously to the operator. "What do I do next?"

  7. whan did dead pygmy walkin get sumbmitted

  8. If you wanted to make a stats system, it should start out withe a small one, like strength, when ever they hit the dini with the spear they get +5 xp and when the level up, they do more damage, but when the hit the dinosaure they get less xp so it's harer to level up. Idk if it's a good idea or not.

  9. Oh Great lords of Bolt Creative,
    (sorry for the repost from a prvious blog entry comment but you havent replied)

    I have noticed that on your itunes information page there is a possible future additions section one of the ideas is: "visitors from afar". I was wondering if you have any future plans for this feature. I am especially excited for the visitors from afar, because it might imply visitors from other planets... such as from the red star that you see in the night sky. Will there be a future update for this? when i look up on the red star people always talk about just a simple spaceship coming in and abducting them and leaving forever. But i think you could expand much more on the possibility of extra terrestrials such as:

    Instead of the pigmies being taken away and never seen again they could be beamed up- the spaceship shakes about - then that same oog is beamed back down after receiving an alien transformation. When i imagined this I thought of a more cartoony version of Dipsy from the teletubbies as he retains the same stalk coming out of his head as the Oogs and could be made to look similar to an oog just more alien :D.

    An other Idea could be a new 'Island' The new island being part of the red star in the distance with weird looking animals and a whole island of Alien Oogs- this idea could come after my previous proposition if the alien turns out to be a success. :D

    I hope you take my ideas into consideration as you think of future updates this would make me one happy chappy

  10. Dead Pygmy Walking will probably come out sometime this coming week. My guess is Tuesday or Wednesday. Cause Sharks with Laser Beams Came out two weeks ago, so i think they are probably gonna have it come out this week. I bet the update is gonna rock!