Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Totally Random but funny Pocket God videos

Now you have to bear with this one, but I found this video that I thought was a clever use of YouTube captions and Pocket God. Also, movinon20 (the creator of the video) seems to be a bit of a Xena fan!

Its kind of like the fan comics, but a bit more stream of consciousness! I like the idea lot though. What do you think? Could you do better ? :)

A second video is more of a suggestion for Pocket God. And pretty rad one at that. Emporore Penguin wishes (as many others have also) for some sort of sci-fi twist, with an alien invasion! Its getting hard to ignore. But check this out...


  1. Yay 1st comment... Hopefuly :P. Shark update frickin kicks @$#!!!!! Just be able to pull more then 1 chum out so 2 or more pigmies can be holding chum... But no biggy

  2. ahaha xena the warrior princess that's good x)