Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dead Pygmy Walking Approved

Zombies come to Pocket God! You will find an all-new spooky area of the island (the graveyard is on the same island as the T-Rex, just East). In the graveyard you will find a grave that you can dig up. Put a pygmy in the dug up grave, bury him. This will activate the ancient seal on the tombstone. Then the pygmy will emerge as a Zombie. When it encounters another pygmy, it will eat his brain and turn that pygmy into a zombie too. The zombies are fragile though. If you mess with them, they will break apart into a cloud of blue flesh. Fill your island with zombies and then tap on the screen to make them do the thriller dance!

Have you wondered who left behind these powerful relics? The octopus statue on the main island? The octopus statue underwater? Even the frickin' laserbeams on the shark's head? Now the zombie tombstone. I don't think the peaceful Pygmies made them. Will they ever encounter the creators? We'll just have to see...

But I digress. The update should be available sometime tonight. This is part 1 of our horror trilogy (this time, there's no play on Star Wars, haha). What do you think is next?


  1. You should make a black cat walk by them, triggerig an anvil to fall on their head XD

  2. I love the icon for this one, and the last one also those are both my favorite

  3. I don't know if you will like them (many ppl don't [pg is like the "cool" thing to do in math]) but
    1. next trilogey pirates, "yo-ho-yo-ho stab them make em walk the plank" new pirate ship map... 6 other pirates are there they can attack or befriend pygmies depending on how aggressive YOU are to them.
    2. as a update.... pygmie chess... I think that would get you guys back up I mean who don't like a good game of chess XD plus then old ppl will buy the game lol!

  4. Maybe for part 2 or 3 there could be a face off between the zombie and the vampire, don't forget about Dracula now! It would be an awesome minigame if there was a short, close-up fight that you could control!

  5. Hey Bolt Creative, quick question, are you guys going to limit yourselves to the ipod touch/iphone, or are you going to have your apps like Pocket God on other devices, such as the Nintendo DSi, or even the Wii (sorry if what I'm saying seems stupid, I dont know all the details of that sort of thing). Plus there's a rumor going around that Nintendo may make an accelerometer chip that goes in their game slot, so they can have more games like the ipod touch/iphone. I'd be more than happy to pay for the game on another platform, since its so dang awesome! Please reply.

  6. Haha. I love the zombies! The choreography is cute! Thriller + pygmies = awesome! What to expect next? Ninja and pirate pygmies would be awesome. I can imagine them with little eye-patches and three cornered hat with ninja stars.

    I know both you and Dave heard this suggestion, but I'm anxious for a new location in space or the moon or Pluto.

  7. This update was awesome but (no offense), I wish there was more features. Bsenior, I like our idea but i think it would be better if it was more like Knights Onrush (hmmm a cross-over idea).

    I have a few ideas for the Pocket God (mainly the graveyard), here they are;

    1. A pit, when you put three pygmies in the pit a monster will come out and eat all pygmies on the screen.
    2. A demon that sets the all pygmies of fire when the pygmies are placed into the pit.
    3. An stone sacraficial slab that when stuck with lightning turns pygmies into frankenstien like monsters, that pick up pygmies and throws them into the pit/water.
    4. An Atlantis like area underneath the graveyard. Living in the Atlantis area shoul be octopus/sea monkey like people who can either give the pygmies seaweed (which turns the into sea monkey people too) or feed them to their pet krakken and/or laser sharks.
    5. A meteor shower which you can summon by dragging your finger down on the screen (while on an island).
    6. A Pocket God Sequel that has all new islnds and God powers (this solves your app size problems, popularity and money problems).I know I will buy it.
    7. A Jungle in which they can climb for banana's, swing in the tree's, hide in a tree house and get attacked by bigfoot (it can be summoned by tapping on a tree (making it shake)).
    8. A Snowy Mountain area where pygmies will freeze to death, turn into snow spirits, get atacked by a yeti (in a snow cave), and get attacked by a bear (which them pygmies can kill and cook, for food).
    9. A overhead map and different pygmy tribes for different islands. You cantap on a island to go to it or pinch to zoom in and see what the pygmies are doing. (this is my favourite idea please use it)
    10. A shark water skiing minigame, which can be activated by fishing and catching a shark (you can turn this off in the options menu).

    I've been playing pocket god for a while now and I think it is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! you guys are the best.
    And by the way if anyone is wondering what my name is, its future_grim =>.

  8. That big spiderweb on the tree... kept hoping you could drop a pigmy on the spiderweb and a big spider would come out and devour him! :)

    And the misty water but the water is a bit of a theme killer...there should be a tropical animal in the water for the tropical water and for the spooky island there should be misty water in the depth with a nar whale or something...:D

  10. Please respond Bolt creative and tell me what you think about this idea for a new update you could do.

    This is my idea of a new update: on the menu bar were the octopus statue is you should be able to change it from an octopus god to a warning sign that says CAUTION BLOW HOLES. When you click the sign you go onto a different screen were there are 3 blow holes. When the pygmy stands on one of the blow holes it floats on the steam and then lands on its stomach when the steam stops. If steam doesn’t come out then fire comes out and when the fire touches the pygmy it will grab its butt in pain and fly up out of the screen, then land in a snake pit which is on another island right behind the island with the blow holes are on. When it lands in the snake pit the snakes will eat it.

    There could also be crocodiles in the middle strip of water in between the two islands. There would be a rock at the side of the screen where a piece of meat is, and when you put the meat near the shore the crocodile will go get the meat and also snag a pygmy on the way. Then it would pull it under the water!

    You could call this update (snakes, crocodiles and blow holes, oh my!)

  11. i have to admit this is some of your best work i didn't think you could top that last one but you've done it for the what 19th time now but as i wrote this update is THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pocketgod rules!!!!!!
    i want all those things that are in capital plus pirates invading the island!

  13. I would like to say 1 thing; it won't let me submits my pics it says u guys have to follow me on twitter to send anything; name warhammer100/Peyton smith IV I wanna submit pics

  14. The update is great! I'm glad to hear you have some sort of storyline evolving too. I've always loved games like PG and games with amazing stories, so if you could somehow add that to PG I would be willing to buy every DLC you may offer in the future. XD Well I'd do that now too though lol

  15. I think that the next update might have aliens, i mean really, who else would put frickin lasers on shark's head. Maybe the look like octopi, that could be the reason why there is octopi statues. That would be cool. But there might be a werewolf or something.

  16. The zombies are very amusing. I don't know about the tree, though. Looks a bit ugly. I can't wait for more spooky features to that part of the island! Keep up the good work!

    Great icon, as well. Allan, you have real talent. The last icon was my absolute favorite!

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  18. i like the ninjas and the pirate idea along with dracula fighting a zombie and you guys would be the ones to make interactive buddy if you know what that is.

  19. I can't get them to do the thriller, what am I doing wrong?

  20. the next update will probably do with The Creeps!


    Seriously. I'd buy it just for the icon.

  22. I love the update!!!! The icon is beast, like Gilbert said dont change it!!! I think the only bad thing is, the zombie should only come alive at night... Its more of what zombies do... Nothing major, overall the update is the best one yet!!


    My forums inspired by Touch Arcade

  24. there should be a spider to eat the pigmies in the web that would be SWEET!

  25. You should make it where if you flick a Pygmy onto the spiderweb, a large spider will come out of the spooky tree and you know... Do spider things to it...

    Also you should make it where if you make the pygmies dance during a storm, they do a new choreography and a peaceful rain comes down from the clouds. This would be called "The Gift of Rain Dance".

    Please consider these two ideas, especially the Rain Dance idea, since it is fun, new, entertaining, and goes with the whole primitive islander beliefs thing. Maybe they could do choreography to a well known song that has to do with rain.

    And btw there are a lot of glitches with the new zombie update.
    1. If you make a Pygmy do Ooga jump and they fall into the whole they turn into an invincable Pygmy.
    2. The dodo bird's poop goes straight through the zombies, when it would be better to make them be destroyed by it.
    3. You can catch a fish on another island, then switch to the graveyard and what do you know! It doesn't drop into the water, so you might as well let us use the fishing pole there too.
    4. Lifting zombies into the air with gravity makes them either stop or keep on walking in one direction.
    5. This is the MOST IMPORTANT GLITCH OF ALL!!!! I'm not sure if it's because my iPod touch is 3.1 software, but every time you move a Pygmy, you here and annoying popping and crackling of the sound! This really needs to be fixed before it drives me crazy!

    Those were the glitches I was able to find in the short time I spent playing this new update. I highly suggest you fix all of these bugs and any others you may find in the next update. And please respond to this post if you read it and your developing team goes by the name of Bolt Creative. (Hint, hint)

  26. i tried to download it but it said "The application Pocket God can not be opened."
    I have a 2.2.1 phone, do i need 3

  27. i think there shud b a hell island with devils btw i love the update

  28. Ive found 2 bugs, ive had this since SHARKS WITH LASER BEAMS ON THEIR HEADS. Ive forgot the full title sorry, but when i had that, when trying to see gifts and sacrifices, i couldnt scroll down and see them all, either its a bug, or it should definately be implemented.

    Secondly, when changing to bad weather, the black cloud appears for a split second, then disappears, this makes me sad :(

    You should have a way to link all the islands like you did with the main island and the sea. Maybe different tribes on each island, so 6 Pygmies on each island, Pygmie wars! Where different tribes randomly go into anothers territory (for any reason) and weapons drop from teh sky, while both tribes come running to egg them on.

    Zombies travelling to the T-rex island and causing screaming havoc?

    It would be good :)

  29. The black cloud bug has gone, turns out i needed to turn it off and on but the other still stands.

  30. The icon is awesome and the thriller dance made me laugh. U guys really did a wonderful job. Two things I hope u can add. An achievment that is about the trex. U put six pygmies on the island then make a trex. Try to kill it losing the least amount of pygmies. My second idea is with the zombies. U could make a Call Of Duty kind of minigame. So there is a staircase on the zombie island with a box on it. When a zombie is out u tap it and a living pygmie runs up and opens the box. He gets a coconut gun(or a different type, it can be a real looking gun or be a spear gun). Then three controls come out. One for moving one foraiming(down at zombies feet or at it's head) and one for shooting. The zombies die in one hit at first but then they get tougher. At the end of each level u get two new grenades and a 30 second grace period so u can go to the box and buy a new weapon or upgrade the old one. Oops I forgot. U get money for each kill and u run out of ammo too. This would be really hard but as an in app purchase, u could add more guns that come out of box. I hope u at least take this in to conciteration. Maybe it could be for ur new game!

  31. Ok the new website is at please visit and email me about anything pocket god related at

  32. check out (another) awsome idea from P.O.C.K.E.T.G.O.D.S. at frankenpigmy would be awsome (with my little tweaks in the comment section :P )
    Bolt, seriosly that would be FRIGGIN AWSOME!!!!! P.S. this is the best update yet in my opinion :D :D :D

  33. Hey guys, there's a crash bug in this update...

    If you dig up the grave, then oogle jump... if you fall and land in the grave, the jump doesn't "stop.". An attempt to jump again results in an "auto fall", and the app will crash if you try to bury anyone.

    Edge case, I realize... But thought i'd let you know! :-)

  34. the vampires and zombies should be able to battle

  35. Ok, for a few ideas. Aliens that take you to the moon when abducted. On the moon pygmies can float, or be dropped in crater, and be eaten by some sort of alien.

    A pirate ship, that can get attacked by the kraken dragging the ship under water. You can fight the kraken once underwater, like the T-Rex, or enter the ship. With a hidden secret to light the ship on fire. (Underwater. Haha.)

    A Snowy area with frozen water. Can fish through a hole, blizzards, auroras, and a yeti.

    A jungle area with banana trees and a pit of snakes. The God power of rain. And a secret way to summon bigfoot.

    A swamp with alligators and werewolfs. Beside of graveyard. Can be eaten by giant anaconda.

    A desert with a cactus that will hurt the pygmies, sand storms, scorpions, and cows. Perhaps the chupacobra can get the pygmies.

  36. I love this update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But if you could add a little more functionality to the vampire, like if the one vampire can get to the pygmies before the zombies can he turns them into vampires and them and the zombies have a face or dance off.
    In addition, if you added a werewolf it would rock people's faces off. A pygmy gets biten in the day, so that at night he turns into a werewolf but by day he's a regular pygmy.

  37. The game is fantastic but in the last 3 episodes i can't check my achievements, please, solve this problem.

  38. Amazing update! But I couldn't make pygmies dance thriller! I was tapping the screen, but nothing happened. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

  39. If you do ooga jump and change the weather you fall down
    if you make a huge golf by oga jump you fall down
    very strains golf in air?!?

  40. Give the non-zombie pygmies guns to fend off the zombie pygmies. Then give them a chopper to escape!

  41. I couldn't get the Thriller dance to work either! Also, if you undig the grave, then raise a pygmy directly over it, up to the Ooga Jump, then vault the up, but let the fall all the way down INTO THE GRAVE, and pull them out, then they are invincible! You can't poke them, you can't move them, or anything! It's awesome!

  42. Well, I tried that and they can die if you go under the water and skewer them.