Monday, September 28, 2009

Dave Reports in: Good Will Haunting and an Unexpected Turn of Events

Per usual, Dave posts on Touch Arcade about our latest update. I already hinted that it was a little more involved than we expected. He describes the latest update, ghosts! but also talks about our newest function, in-app purchases. As we continue to develop PG, and offer updates for free, we have to figure out new ways to still have it make financial sense. The idea is that we still update for free, but offer fun "extras" that do not affect game-play. So people can take it or leave it if they don't want, but still get the regular updates free. Only, in the middle of development, Dave got some bad news...

"I had thought I could do a 3.0/2.2 hybrid like we did for push notifications and everything seemed to be working fine with that until Jason Citron from Open Feint told us he had submitted an app like that with in app purchases and it got rejected because the iPhone can only support in app purchasing on 3.0 only apps. We were so lucky that he warned us about it because we could have had a good 2 or 3 week delay before we were rejected and figured it out. "

So, there are going to be some people (iPod Touch owners that haven't upgraded) that aren't gonna like this, but if you update, you must also have 3.0. We agonized over it, but knew from experience, you can't fight the future. We know we are taking a huge chance being an early adopter, but it would have to be done sooner or later. So yes folks, if you don't have 3.0, then you shouldn't download the next update. If you really feel you can't upgrade...the only thing we can say is that this isn't our fault. Apple wants everyone to upgrade and if you want the latest and greatest, you will HAVE TO eventually. If not because of us, because other games and apps will be going this way. Are you aware they dropped the price of the ipod upgrade to $4.95?

>> Read Dave's full Touch Arcade Post here <<

Let the commenting begin!


  1. Yay! That's awesome

    By the way, our Pocket God blog has gone through some changes...

  2. Amazing!!!
    Allan tremendous work on the icon!!!
    Spiders next?
    Ghosts and DLCs OMPG! Best update(s) ever!


  3. Hey Allan! What happened to the blog? I have been waiting for the next Designer/Developers Corner AND the fansite of every other day...

    Any hints for us about the next update after Good Will Haunting allan? :D

  4. good thing I got 3.0 then ain't it Alan but will the same thing happen with 3.1 soon?
    : )

  5. Yay! 1st Comment! That sounds like such a cool update!!!

  6. this will get you 3.0 for free guys trust me i got it from here as well put the software update on your desktop when you go into itunes click on your ipod and where it says hit shift then right click on restore and you can choose your firmware from your desktop make sure it is the right one hope this helps

  7. Are u guys talking about DLC like u can cuztomize things? And PG is going to be 4.95?

  8. Ipod touch users:
    restore your ipod. back it up first.
    you will get the new upgrade (free) and your ipod touch will be fine. and it'll clean it up and make it faster!

  9. Pggamer, the next update for PG isn't going to be 4.95, it's the ipod software upgrade that's 4.95

  10. sounds great! i cant wait for ghost pygmies!!!!!

    pggamer: no pocket god is not going to be $4.95. the ipod 3.0 software is ;)

  11. Yay! upgraded a few weeks ago!

  12. Awsome I already have 3.1 so I'm fine can't wait till it comes out have to get more iTunes credit though. Are you going to do the same with the pygmies and other stuff too?

  13. hey allan do you know when the i am a pc app will come out. i saw it on the bolt creative website for months and was wondering when it would come out.

    cant wait for good will haunting that will rise up to the top in the app store in a few days

    and what is the next update after good will haunting.

  14. @pggamer no the update for the ipod software if 4.95

  15. Hello Dave and Alan I have the perfect idea for the next update....Frankenstein... make him somewhat like the T-Rex but instead of spear they throw sticks on fire(of course you would have to add fire there too)Please Take this into consideration

    Thy God Of Pockets

  16. Hello.. I wasn't sure where to post bug reports so I'll do it here.

    I call it the Zombie PG Killer..
    Step 1. open grave on spooky area
    Step 2. pick up pygmie and start cloud jumping minigame
    Step 3. Aim pygmie to fall directly in hole
    Step 4. cover pygmie

    This now special pygmie is invulnerable to gravity and screen taps for dancing. But once you tap him to kill it the game crashes. Also the active screen is above where it usually is, no water is visible and you can see the jump clouds clearly.