Saturday, September 26, 2009

Contest Submissions Closed

What a week. Have you ever been worried something would be difficult, but instead everything just fell into place quickly? Yeah, me neither. I actually thought this next update would be pretty easy, but it was the exact opposite of easy... but we'll wait for Dave's State of the Island for you to hear about the details. Good Will Haunting, the second of our horror trilogy, was submitted yesterday...only five days later than we MEANT to submit it. Better late than never!

So, the contest is closed and there's a ton of photos to go through. I notice some people on Twitter thought we'd announce today, but we need time to go through the submissions and vote for our favorite. So expect the announcement before next Friday. I also notice some people were bent out of shape that we didn't feature their photo on the blog. Sorry...If I posted every photo, this blog would take even longer to load than it already does. I just grabbed random selections that looked good, but by no means has any bearing on our final choice. I'll feature some more before the announcement.

Three people will win the latest 64GB iPod Touch, so stay tuned.


  1. Sweet!!!! Can't wait for the update to come out!!!! Can't wait even more to find out what it is!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. love the first one :)
    oh btw its king of the penguins

  3. I found a glitch:

    When you cook the pygmies above the fire so they are a statue, change to the graveyard. Then let such a statued pygmie fall into the hole. He is now a normal pygmie. Then make him to an undead. Everything seems normal. But when you let them dance, the undead pygmies who were a statue, they don't dance!


  4. i have no idea where to put suggestions so ill put them here. i know that there is a haunted triology coming but hey just a suggestino(:
    few suggestions:
    female and children pygmies! could you imagine little pygmie boys and girls running around getting into trouble, their overprotective mothers and etc. i know you've heard that a million times but still. anyway they could be on a HUGE island with lots of buildings and fish markets, etc.

    my last suggestion:
    it could be another island that is futuristic and what not. but if you've ever seent the disney version of atlantis the lost empire, near the end they ride on stone fish "mobiles" i could see the pymies riding on them. there could be mermaids and battles and what not.
    just an idea!

  5. the first one is so gonna win