Tuesday, September 15, 2009

World of Apple reviews the current version of PG and

I think in a blog post a week or so ago, I said that the reviews for Pocket God are "pretty much in"...But I guess there's still a few sites that have decided to review us after 25 updates!

>> Click here for World of Apple Review <<

So, as we wait for "Dead Pygmy Walking" to be approved, Dave and I are working on the next update...Dave has made some further optimizations...I'm working on new spooky-type art... and additionally we're also working on new functionality that we hope to integrate into the next update. I think Dave will announce it in the next State of the Island (that is, if it makes it into the update) So this week is incredibly busy! I'll try to stay on the blog, but we're a little overwhelmed!

Oh, and if you go to twitter and search "@pocketgod" you can see the influx of pics for the contest! Keep 'em coming! And don't forget to wander outside your home to find a good place to take a pic! I'll post some examples later this week.


  1. 2/25/09 - 9/15/09

    Congratulations on spending 202 days in the US top 25, the best of any application in the history of the App Store

  2. why does apple take so long to approve apps?

  3. Hey, Bolt Creative!
    Good job and I can't wait for Dead Pygmy Walking! [CORNY JOKE] I'm just dying to play it! [/CORNY JOKE]
    I sent you guys an e-mail and keep up the creativity! Even my dad who once hated Pocket God loves it now. XD