Friday, December 11, 2009

Vote for us on Wired best apps of 2009!

Hey Guys, just stopping in for a sec. Allan is out of commision for a bit and I wanted to get this announcement out there. I will let him share with everyone when the time is right but please send all your best wishes to him in the meantime.

About the annoucement, Wired is runnng a best app of 2009 poll and it would be awesome if you can help support us by going over there and voting. It seems like the Words with Friends people are playing games with the voting by submitting multiple copies of their app so that people can vote on it more than once but hopefully we can beat them anyway.


  1. for those people who keep writing pocket as a new submission, it is already in the list. Stop adding it as you will get the app banned from the vote.
    Simply click the plus button next to the entry that has been submitted by dave.

  2. The new update is awesome!!!!!!!! More skin packs!!!

  3. okay, the pyg chill is getting really boring! when will the next update come out? What will be in the new update?

  4. When Is the next update coming along?