Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pocket God and Doodle Jump Team Up Again!

Firstly, in case you've forgotten, Pocket God and Doodle Jump collaborated a few months ago. There is an easter egg in Doodle Jump to change the Doodler to a pygmy and Pocket God has a Doodle Jump-like minigame with the Doodler making a cameo in the clouds. Secondly, I'm sure everyone knows about how big Christmas day was last year for app sales. Everyone receiving iPhones and iPods and iTunes cards for Christmas flooded the app store with new sales, so we're trying to gear up to take advantage of that.

We've decided to team up with the guys of Doodle Jump fame to run a campaign that will hopefully raise our ranking and position both our apps to take advantage of the rush. We're running an advertising article in and, starting the 22 & 23 (respectively) of this month! This is the first time we've actually paid for advertisement (we went halvsies), so this is a new experiment for us!

So, thanks to everyone who has basically helped us advertise for free on their twitter accounts, blogs, YouTube and the forums over the last year! And why stop now? Be sure to tweet/blog/etc. when this article comes out, or whenever. Hopefully this will be our last push for 2009 so we can get on with creating new 2010 content!

Pocket god

Doodle Jump


  1. Um... I found a glich in the game. When you're ooga jumping on the dinusour isle, open the map and fall down with it open, and the glich will happen.

  2. I think those advertisements will DEFINETLY bring in more sales. Hope you guys make lots of money!

  3. How do you get the Pygmy in Doodle Jump??

  4. Does this mean your coming out with another crossover or are your companies joining together?

  5. Hi guys,
    it's really nice to see collaboration between such great game developers!
    RetroStyle Games are big fans of Pocket God series and inspired by you - we have decided to make our own vision of similar ideas - wrapping everything into Christmas setting and adding touches of originality:

    I'm not sure if you'll have time and desire to comment on that. But we will be really glad
    I have seen your comments about Pocket Devil... you should accept the fact that your game idea slowly become a new genre.
    Like it happened with Bejeweled and a lot of other projects...

  6. How do you get the Pygmie in Doodle Jump?