Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting greedy!

NEW NOTE: Dave just let me know that I completely misinterpreted how the contest worked. I must have come across someone else's nomination! At, you can nominate pocket God for any category you want. So it looks like I've managed to lock us for a Kids app. But, if feel like it, you might as well nominate us for a little more prestigious category! How about Most Innovative?

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I know, I know. Santa doesn't like greed. But we might as well grab for all the accolades we can as this year wraps up. 148 apps is sponsoring a "2009 Best App Ever Awards" and put us under "Best Just For Fun Kids App" category. I love this category title since they probably considered calling it "Best Not Really A Game and Makes People Mad When You Call It One" but reconsidered because it was too long. Regardless, we want in!

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  1. This has nothing to do with the post, but I figured it was the only way to contact you guys. I know you have probably heard about the app Minigore. Its not as fun as Pocket God, but its pretty up there, and its hard to compare the two considering the substantial differences. Anyways, they've started adding new playable characters from different apps like Envirobear, Lizzy and Ninja from Sway, and Clevus from Zombieville. You guys should get in contact with Mountain Sheep (Minigore Devs) to get a Pygmy in there too. Its be some good PR considering the apps popularity and I bet you could get some more sales that way. It would also just literally be epic to play as a pygmy in Minigore. I don't know how you guys could possibly reciprocate though, but you could figure it out when you get there.

    Also, you should add a soda machine in Pocket God. It could vend Cola which you could give to the pygmies as a gift or Cel-Ray which you could poison the pygmies with cause its gross.

  2. dear allan
    there is alot of talk about people wanting you and the creators of minigore to do a cross-over update (on the minigore blog)

    i thing it would be a great idea having furries- (enemys in minigore) eat pygmys in your app and have a pygmy kill furries in minigore and since you guys havnt done a cross over in a while i think nov is the time to think about doing one

    please get in touch with them

    kind reguards


  3. so whats the new update called?