Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick Update

Hey guys, I (Allan) am back in SF. I had to run out of town for a family emergency and Dave has been holding the fort. But I am back and we're trying to get back to it.

While I was gone a few cool things happened! The first is we made it on the Apps Best Seller List on the 2009 Rewind Page on iTunes. And currently we are at 1.7 million downloads!

The other is that we are one of's Reader's Favorite iPhone Apps of 2009! Thanks to everyone for voting.

My personal issues got in the way of us beginning our next update, tentatively titled "Great Job, Ice Hole!"....and I say tentatively because of the latest delays might get us to rethink our strategy. But i will leave you to ponder what the title means.


  1. do you know what would be really funny allan? If YOU copied POCKET DEVIL and made a hole that the pygmies could fall into. Obviously your version be better with better graphics and what not, but pocket god still seems to be slipping... Four week updates? still no temperature change? Copying your competitors? hmmmmmmmm

  2. I think for the temperature change update for the ice world you could get the island to melt if the temperature is too high and they bob up and down with a tree floating and if you turn it up again they freeze in the island with there heads bobbing out the ice and you can un freeze them again lift them out and then freeze it for them to go back up and on the other islands do whatever you want just make sure they put sunglasses on if its hot that would make pocket god enter a whole new level of coolness

  3. 1.7 million in downloads at .99
    a piece.. assuming apple takes half of that you are left with 800,000 plus the inapp purchases... man u guys got plenty of room to work on pocket god