Monday, December 28, 2009

Nerdism Comics makes a Pocket God Comic

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I spent a bunch of time with family who I ignored all year, but am returning tomorrow to resume the next update which we will get on pronto (and perhaps picking back up on PG II even!). After all, Pocket God got the gift of returning to the top ten! Even temporarily, this was completely unexpected but awesome!

On another note, Chris Atkins of ( a site run by himself and Mike Lee) made this awesome Pocket God comic.

Click on the art to see their write up. The art is amazing and the humor is totally perfect. Being somewhat nerdy (or are we geeky? or maybe even spazzy?) ourselves, we are completely happy to be welcomed into the nerdism universe. Hopefully Chris Atkins make some more, but go to and check out his other stuff! And Mike Lee's blog, "the Daily Nerdgasm". Oh, and if you want more PG Comics be sure and tell them! Thanks, Chris and Mike!


  1. ye u guys r at 25 on the top 25 in ireland (thats where i live)

  2. Cool cartoon :D

    Uh oh guys... seems like eyedip is not the only copycat around... Check out the new pocket god ripoff : bad pocket santa... I hope it won't start another fight :/

    Anyways, are we going to get more info about the second part of the snow update? That would be braw ! Thx

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