Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pocket God World Overview

Hey guys, Allan here. The blog is in need of updating. I had to run out of town for family reason...the second time this year... and Dave is manning the fort while I am gone.

I just approved a bunch of comments and saw "update the blog!". So I did a quick google search and found this super cool overview of the Pocket God world by swigo8 on the PocketGodsBlog. Sometimes I get the originators of this stuff wrong, so please feel free to correct me!

>>You can see more info on it here <<

Thanks swigo8!


  1. Hey
    I love that picture it's pretty cool.
    My record for the Ice Monster is 12!!! Hey did ya'll know that ya'll are in the "Best of 2009 Apps" in the app store for entertainment! That awesome, i would've voted for ya'll if i could have. Keep up the great work and maybe give us a hint of the next update (title? maybe.)

    P.S. When, in the comments, "Bolt Creative" reply to someone's comment is it you, Allan, or Dave or both of you?

  2. Thanks for posting that Allan, I'm glad to know you like it :)

    Happy Holidays, I hope all is well

  3. Ummmm,
    Pardon me if the question I asked has already been posted, but the zombies won't dance. They start but then quickly stop. Thanks In advance!

  4. I know you guys are probably busy right now, but when you can, put up some progress of the next update. That would be awesome-riffic. Also, you should fix the Openfeint. On my god status, it says "73 undefined achievement" when my record is 7. Also, Openfeint won't give me the acheivements! Could you do something about this please? Thanks!

  5. Please reply bolt creative...

    i might have said this earlier, but you could make a lite version with a few episode content in the pocket god lite version or free version, and pocket god will skyrocket in the top paid charts in the app store. And people would try this awesome game and buy the full version and you'll get alot of sales on the app.

    please reply, thanks! and a great thanks to Dave on putting the next update a whole lot of content and work to pocket god, the best app in the app store!

    thanks Dave!
    and Allan for the super cool icon! love the new update!!

  6. Hey Allan!!
    "Dave, Allan, and Friends" Episode 1 is out!!
    I hope you post it on the blog :)
    It would help us get some devoted weekly viewers of the show.

    Visit http://youtube.com/DaveAllanFriends
    Thank you!!

  7. Hi bolt creative! i just made a blog called:
    pygmyparade.blogspot.com. im adding stuff right now, i just made it! feel free to feature it on your blog!

  8. Hey I have an idea for a new update. Maby you could make a lava world inside the volcano. It could be just like the ice island with a lava rock monster that throws fireballs. That would be so cool if you made that into an update.

    P.J. Bache

  9. swigo8's name is on the 13th or so brick from the right on the floor of the underwater world :)

  10. wow! thats really cool! but how does that work out with the map in the new update??
    sooo, any hints on what the next update will have? =) btw, one last question haha, when does pg take place? present time or past?

  11. Ok, update is straight out awesome. If you haven't started the next update yet, Your next update should be the final frontier-Space. That would be the best update ever.

  12. this brings up the idea that you should make one big island where you have to scroll left and right

  13. Is the next update going to be state of the island.

  14. Hey, I'm new here and I'm a HUUUUGE fan of Pocket God. Could you please tell me when the next update is coming out? I just got my itouch for Christmas, so that would be great. Thanks!!