Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big holiday shout out to

James and his great site is always on top of the Pocket God updates, and I wanted to thank him for quickly writing the Pyg Chill up! We are always grateful for the publicity. Thanks James!

>> Visit the article here <<

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  1. Hey,
    I hate to give suggestions when ya'll do so much and do it perfectly, BUT............. I think that if ya'll could add more animals and creatures (I'm an animal lover, kind of). Like you could make a skin for the dodo bird that is a terrordactyl to go along with the t-rex. if you added penguins to the ice island, snakes to any island, and wild dogs (not domestic) for pets.
    OOOOOOOO what if you add a polar bear (kinda like a tribute to them and you have a "Going Green" skin pack. The pygmies could go hippy or ride a bike to light the sun and moon. If they don't go fast enough then they fly off the bike (game?).
    Well you've been doing great so far and probably don't need my ideas, but i would mind if you did. Just kidding.
    Talk to you later.